Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rejects the criticism: We were not told – financial times

the Feelings washed at Erik Beckman farm in the "Farmer seeks wife".

Yesterday said Linnea Åberg, one of them Erik hits, to the production told the other participants what they have to say.

– I think This is not really nice, ” says My Niklasson, who reacted to the statement.

There were strong feelings in ‘ Farmer seeks wife" on Eric Beckman the farm after he had been away and acted together with the participant, My Niklasson. When he and My came back to the farm again, and began to cook food, burst it for the participant, Linnea Åberg went into the bedroom and cried.

According to Linnea Åberg, it looks like that the mood is irritable in the program. Something that should not have been true, but according to her, must have been due to the fact that the other participants been told by production what they would say.

A claim that My Niklasson now denies in his blog.
– they force us to say something or do something, I can not agree with. I think this is not really fair. We have different perceptions on that case. I think it is sad that she goes out and says it. But I can only speak for myself, “she says to Nöjesbladet, and continues:

” of course, We are just ourselves, and so is the camera. Farmer looking for wife "They were told what they would say."

In a blog post praises she also TV4 for the behaviour during the recording.
– They were there all the time. We talked openly about how it was and how it felt. I have not easy for emotions. Deep feelings, I think, is really hard. But they helped me through it and was truly supportive.

When Nöjesbladet reach Linnea Åberg again she explains her claim.
– I did not mean that they have been told in this way. There is not much more to comment on. I think that both Lina and My are awesome girls who I like very much.

According to Linnea Åberg so, the participants may talk freely. But she points out that the production has influence on what they’re talking about.
– We’re told about what we are going to talk about. The teams at the venues say to us what we are going to talk about, for example dinners. Otherwise, we’re talking free.

She also says that the girls supported each other during the recording.
– I never enjoyed bad about any of them, ” she says.


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