Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The criticism against TV4: ”Vomit” – Aftonbladet

Comments on how Jenny Strömstedt eat a strawberry, and Tilde de Paula Eby to dress himself.

In a video clip with the parts from the Television, accusing the instagramkontot 1337likes TV4 for sexism.
– this is a hopklipp which unfortunately gives a false picture of us, ” says Johanna Thulin Bratten, director of the Lowlands.

Instagramkontot "1337likes" has become a hot topic in the media. The account, run by a young girl, at the time of writing almost 37 000 followers. On the account she comments everything from tv programs to raggningsförsök. Often, she runs with the current program and the people she considers behaves ugly on dejtingappen Tinder.

on Tuesday criticized the she the tv program "Nyhetsmorgon" on TV4, by cutting together parts from a number of elements from the morgonprogrammet which she believes is sexist.

In the clip is visible, including a segment where the Jenny Strömstedt to eat a strawberry. She takes a bite was on Peter Jihde says:

– Which bite you took. Yes, he has been gone for a while now.

In another clip, ask Tilde de Paula Eby ‘soldoktorn’ Mikael Sandström if she should take off his shirt for that he should be able to view a survey. He answers:

” Yes, I think ever.

"1337likes" post has created strong reactions in följarna. Several pieces out that they want to vomit after seeing the clip.
"Thus spewing in my mouth what is this," writes one follower.

"So disgusting, fucking boycott the nymo from now!", writes another.

I posted the clip because I thought it would go home. I think that it is strange to joke so crude and sexist. Especially in the tv. But that’s nothing new, ” says the girl behind 1337likes to Nöjesbladet.

On TV4 believe that the clip does not give a truthful picture of Life.
– this is a hopklipp which unfortunately gives a false picture of us. It is good that the issue is put on the agenda even if we think that it is unfair that we get the brunt of it. The gender issue must, and should always be living on a team, so also with us. It is so good with a thorn in the eye, ” says Johanna Thulin Bratten, program manager of Life, to Nöjesbladet.


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