Thursday, November 24, 2016

Farmer, Erik and linnea’s secret kiss – Expressen

Viewers get to see how Linnea Åberg and Erik Bäckman kissing each other in the "Farmer seeks wife" for the first time.

But the couple has mörkat their romance for TV4 and viewers.

When the tv-team’s gone home from Erik’s farm snuck up and she is in secret.

“It was not our first kiss that we got to see on tv,” says Linnea Åberg.

In yesterday’s "Farmer seeks wife" viewers will see how grisbonden Erik Bäckman, 21, and his suitors go to hästbonden Jennifer erlandsson’s, 33, farm outside of Falkenberg.

Society party on the farm, along with Jennifer and her suitor.

Viewers will see how Erik first making out with My Niklasson, 21. Shortly after making out he with Linnea Åberg, 21. It is the first time Erik Bäckman kissing any of his suitors in the series.

Linnea Åberg has made no secret of the viewers about their strong feelings for the farmer. This section tells Linnea that she is in love with Erik.

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Linnea: "It was not our first kiss"

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But the viewers and TV4 do not know about is that Linnea and Erik met on the sly when the cameras were not there.

“It was not our first kiss that we got to see on tv,” says Linnea Åberg.

Was kisses secret

the team left Eric’s farm in Dannäs, Småland, at night. Linnea talks about how she and Erik then got some time with the two of you. The pair kissed each other several times before the party. The couple took the opportunity when the suitors My Niklasson and Lina are fleeing, 23, was in a different room.

– It was easier and you could really relax then, ” she says.

Erik Bäckman confirms that they kissed each other before the party at Jennifer erlandsson’s farm.

Linnea and Erik held their nightly kisses secret for TV4 and tv host Linda Lindorff – and for the other suitors.


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