Monday, November 14, 2016

This shocked the chefs of the starter – Aftonbladet

It is time for the finals in tonight’s episode of "the Chefs ‘ battle," and the finalists are invited to dinner.

Pelle Johansson and Edin Dzemat get a shock after the starter when they realize what they have just eaten.

“Then I can tick this on the list,” says Edin in the program.

In the evening broadcast of the last episode of "Chefs ‘struggle’ where the Pelle Johansson and Edin Dzemat pitted against each other in the final, decisive moments. When the first finalmomentet is done to the eliminated chefs cook a three-course dinner for the finalists and the chef Titti Qvarnström is a starter.

"Tastiest inälvan"

Already in the kitchen, where the finalists are not, she reveals to the other participants that she will cook a dish with tjurtestiklar.

– It is the best tasting inälvan and I think that it is taken to be on for a bit, ” she says in the program.

celebrity Chef Markus Aujalay seems a bit shocked by the choice.

– Titti is forward-thinking and innovative. I myself have never eaten at her restaurant, but I know that the guests eat a little in the dark. You find out only afterwards what it is you have eaten, ” he says.

Shocked the finalists

When the starter is presented and eaten by the society, it is time for Pelle Johansson and Edin Dzemat to guess what they have just eaten.

“I don’t think I can guess what this is,” says Edin.

When Titti Qvarnström reveals what the entree consists of seeing the two finalists shocked.

– Tjurtestiklar… Oh well, I have eaten it and can tick it on the list, ” says Edin.

the Finale of the "Chefs ‘ battle" airs in the evening at 20 o’clock on TV4.


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