Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mariah Carey call the Packer liar – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

The bitter separation between Mariah Carey and James Packer looks to be even more bitter.

a few weeks ago, it was revealed that Carey requires a billionaire on half a billion crowns.

Now accusing the star and her ex for being a lying opportunist who used her merely to forge business deals, writes TMZ.

James Packer forced her to participate in business meetings to meet with key persons in order to facilitate for the Packers business.

According to Carey, it is his fault that she set up a tour and therefore lost a lot of money. The reason was, according to the star, that has made her emotionally stressed.

James Packer has, according to TMZ, stated that he does not intend to pay her a penny because they were not married.


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