Monday, November 21, 2016

Trump promised to pull herself together – now wielding the he against the all – Aftonbladet

No question seems to be too small for the incoming president.

Since Trump got elected he has swung its way hard against the New York Times, Saturday Night Live and the musical Hamilton.

Trump’s impulsive temper and alleged lättkränkthet was a recurring issue in the election campaign. Often pointed to his critics on the use of mikrobloggen Twitter, where Trump constantly sent out announcements and sharp comments.

His opponent, Hillary Clinton repeated often the phrase: “A man who stabs a tweet is not a man we can give responsibility for nuclear weapons.”

the Promised sharpness

In an interview with CBS shortly after the valreusltatet promised Trump that he in the future will be “very prudent” on Twitter if he should even use it at all.

A week later, it is, however, very little evidence that he has changed.

New York Times

a Few days after the announcement if he should become president he went to the rich and hearty attack on the New York Times, which he calls a “failed” newspaper.

He continued: “Australia, New Zealand and more. I am always available for them. @nytimes is just upset that they look like simpletons in their coverage of me”, he wrote.

the Musical Hamilton

So it has continued. In the weekend went to Donald Trump’s aspiring vice-president Mike Pence on Broadway-the musical Hamilton. He buades he out of the audience and when the show was over turned with the actors directly to the Pence.

– We are the diverse America that is troubled that your government will not protect us”, they said.

Mike Pence took the whole thing with the ro. It did not make the Donald Trump.

the Musical, which is “overrated” according to Trump, you should immediately apologize. So far, no such has come.

3. Saturday Night Live

Trump has on several occasions criticised Saturday Night Live and actor Alec Baldwin for their imitations of him. In the weekend it was time for a new imitation – and a new counter-attack. SNL is “one-sided, biased and “not fun at all,” says Trump.

however, It is not only the negative noises that can be heard from Trump’s account. When it became official that senator Chuck Schumer will succeed Harry Reid as the leader of the democrats in the senate praised the he Schumer – and explained that he was “much smarter” than Reid, who has been merciless in his criticism of Trump.


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