Friday, November 18, 2016

The Swedish Academy, the new Dylan-vengeance – Aftonbladet

In the week came the news that Bob Dylan will not come to Stockholm to receive the prize in december.

Now announcing the Swedish Academy decided not to organize an alternative to the nobel lecture that is traditionally held.

the Lecture, which is normally held on 7 december, three days before the ceremony itself, is not of.

instead, according to the Swedish Academy that Bob Dylan can hold his lecture in connection with a performance in Stockholm during the next year.

"There is a chance that Bob Dylan will appear in Stockholm during the next year, possibly in the spring, and he then has an excellent opportunity to keep his lecture. The academy will return as soon as there is more information," writes in a press release.

A Visit to sweden would be, not surprisingly, says Aftonbladet’s music editor Hakan Steen.

” If Dylan comes here for concerts to the spring, it would not be surprising. He is out on his "never ending tour" and has in recent years been in Sweden for almost a year, the last two nights in Stockholm in October last year.

When Dylan received the polar music prize arranged the plays in connection to the ceremony, I doubt that he had come otherwise. So there is certainly hope that it can be a lecture on he should still be here and play. It looks really forward in that case, ” says Håkan Steen.

the Academy has previously stated that "the only requirement" on Dylan for him to get Nobelprispengarna paid to him – is that he holds a nobel lecture within six months calculated from the 10th of december.


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