Monday, November 21, 2016

Kanye West sets up the gig after the collapse – the Express newspaper

Kanye West set the concert in Los Angeles, after canceling a concert the day before.

Now take the rapper a break to deal with their personal problems, writes TMZ.

It has been a busy week for rapper Kanye West, 39.

First, he stated his support for the future president Donald Trump during a concert in San Jose on Thursday. During Saturday’s concert in Sacramento dissed, huh? he’s both Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Hillary Clinton during a mellansnack after three songs. After his hetska speech chose the artist time to get off the stage and cancel the concert.

Now set the Kanye West canceled his gig on Sunday at The Forum in Los Angeles, writes TMZ. The concert was cancelled just hours before it was supposed that the artist would be stepping on the stage.

The cancellation of the concert was already a re-routing from a previous concert that the rapper cut off after that he discovered that he had no singing voice left.

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Whistleblowers to TMZ says that Kanye West takes a break from the tour now to deal with their personal problems.

After Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, 35, was held hostage and robbed in Paris has the West experienced that they have not received enough support from their near and dear ones.

It is the one that should have been the reason why rapper slurs against Jay-Z on stage during the Saturday.

–Jay-Z, give me a call. I know you have killer. Send them not on me. Call me only, take it like a man, ” said Kanye West during his mellansnack in Sacramento, after Jay-Z reportedly should not have called and checked how the couple felt after the traumatic event.

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