Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Röhsska museum preparing for the closing – the Swedish Radio

At the museum appears right now the works of the Danish textile artist Margrethe Odgaard. The meeting with the staff has just been completed when I meet Britta Söderqvist, sektorschef for the city’s museums and responsible for the Röhsska in a period of transition and during the recruitment of the new head of the museum, which begins after christmas. She says that she understands that the cultural board’s decision has been overwhelming.

” It raises a lot of thoughts, of course, of every individual, both the “what is happening to me?” but also “what happens with the projects that are going on?” and so on. It was a great meeting, I think where questions come up and where somehow we began to look to the future.

According to the culture of management to the employees at the Röhsska be given other assignments in the administration, while the museum is closed. At the same time should you see over the organization and functions.

Can you rule out layoffs?

” Yes, therefore, the city of Gothenburg has job security, it, I really want to emphasize. And then we will gradually pick up, depending on the function, depending on the needs of the business, with the goal that all employees should get back to business.

2017 budget for the Röhsska museum is already set, and according to Britta Söderqvist will the development work be included in this.

Is it acceptable to keep a museum closed at the same time that it receives the same funds that it had received if it had been open?

– Yes, what we do is that we build the business so it is absolutely defensible, I think. It is true that självfinaniseringsgraden for all of the city’s museums is high but it is only work problems of this nature at a museum, and it is at the Röhsska museum.

While the museum is closed, the focus is on the development of both the business and the working environment. It will, among other things, to call in external expertise, and to cooperate with the employees and the trade unions. The Saco and the Municipal endorses the cultural board decision, while the Vision has not wanted to see any closure. Program have during the day sought Vision for a comment.

What will now happen with the exhibitions and projects are planned at the Röhsska over the next year is not yet determined.

” What is decided is that the house should be closed the here 15 months, but it is also desirable that there is visibility, It is visible in other places, in other places. How it should go, I would love to come back to but I can’t say anything about it now.

the Röhsska museum is closed between 27 February 2017 and 2 June 2018.


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