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Lisa Ekdahl kept his son a secret: “the Strategy” – Expressen

Lisa Ekdahl, 45, broke through with a bang in 1994.

the Same year she gave birth to his son. Then she decided to keep her son a secret.

“I had a very clear strategy and it was that I wanted to talk as little as possible about my child,” she says in "So much better".

Lisa Ekdahl broke through the 23-year-old with the hit songs "cross-legged" and "Who knows". Now she tells in TV4-program "So much better" if the hectic pace of the year in 1994 – then she also gave birth to her son Milton Öhrström, 21.

“It was a year of abundance, to say the least,” she says in the programme and describes the year as "tremendous foundation" for her.

Lisa Ekdahl took the early decision not to talk openly about her children.

” I had a very clear strategy and it was that I wanted to talk as little as possible about my child. I felt that if I, as a woman, talking about my children, so there was a risk that I am reduced to only being a mother, ” she says in the program.

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Lisa Ekdahl enjoyed great success at the Grammisgalan in 1994. She took home three grammis. But when people wanted to celebrate with her during the the afterparty occurred misunderstanding.

” I had the baby with me at the Grammy. All wondered why I didn’t wanted to party and I was like, what do you think? It is, of course, for that I have to breastfeed, ” she says in the program.

Lisa Ekdahl do appearances with his son Milton, 21, who plays the piano. But the strategy to keep him off the public has been painful for her.

” I thought it was painful for my child was my life. But my songwriting was also my life. I thought that was limiting and a little bit sophisticated and lacks balance, so that aspect I think actually has been a little painful, ” she says in "So much better".

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Lisa Ekdahl has, since Milton was born had a daughter, Bianca, 4. However, she has also in this case, chosen to keep a low profile.

“Just because it’s a journal that asks and I have made a song that people hear on, so do not need me to respond,” she says in the program.


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