Friday, November 25, 2016

Denise Lopez brother has been murdered in Mexico – Aftonbladet

Denise Lopez brother has been murdered.

He was kidnapped and shot to death in Mexico.

“I’m trying right now to find a plane ticket to fly across the acute, so that we can catch to bury him,” she says to Nöjesbladet.

Artist Denise Lopez, 44, has suffered a familjetragedi.

Her brother Renato Lopez, 33, was yesterday, kidnapped and then shot to death in Mexico, to which Expressen was the first to tell you. Renato Lopez, and his publisher, Omar Giron, both have been found dead in an abandoned car early on Thursday morning.

Denise Lopez says to Nöjesbladet that she received the news early in the morning.

” We are in shock. I have not found out about it via fans on his Facebook. I got out of it by my dad early in the morning who called me. Further, I do not want to say right now. I’m trying right now to find a plane ticket to fly across the acute, so that we get to bury him. It is done within 24 hours. In addition to that, it is not the time to comment on this, ” she says.

Renato Lopez worked as the host of "E! Latin News" and, according to the mexican El Universal have been shot dead outside the town of Jilotzingo is located northwest of Mexico City. According to a source with the mexican authorities should the police have come to the site after residents in the area notified of an abandoned car. Reports shall also be notified in a shooting on the highway at 17 local time on the onsdagseftermiddagen. The police could not find any traces after the shooting until the abandoned car was found.


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