Thursday, November 17, 2016

The threat: on Strike you go out of the competition – financial times

“Strike you as you go out of the competition”.

It should have been produktionsbolagets message to the idols of yesterday.

At the meeting they asked which of the idols that will strike, ” says Per Herrey, Musikförbundets lawyer in the Aftonbladet newspaper in the Morning.

yesterday, revealed Nöjesbladet that the musicians union is threatening to strike unless the production company improves their idol’s working conditions.

the musicians union want to Fremantlemedia signs a collective bargaining agreement before 14: 00 next Friday, a nnars to take further industrial action.

” We must act when the Fremantle continues its unacceptable exploitation of young people in order to earn big money for advertising. We urge them to take their responsibility, ” said Jan Granvik chairman of the musicians union yesterday. SEE ALSO "too afraid to speak up"


yesterday was The Fremantlemedia surprised by the unions actions.

” They have no understanding of “Idol,” said Magnus Karlsson Lamm, managing director of Fremantlemedia. I have full respect for the musicians union to do its job, but when it comes to “Idol” and their argument is they are difficult to adapt to. And they know that.

the musicians union has previously criticised the “Idol” and called the agreement they must sign on for a “slave-like contracts”. But it is only this year that some idoldeltagare themselves have approached the unions and asked them to pursue this issue. SEE ALSO PLUS Idol-runner-up: ‘Is not a common program’

"You go out of the competition"

In the morning visited Per Herrey, Musikerförbundets lawyer, Aftonbladet Morning. According to him, should the production company have called the idols to the meeting to ask those who might go on strike ahead of next week’s Friday finale. Yesterday, they also called up their idol’s parents, who in turn contacted the tray.

“the Production company said, given you have the right to strike, but you do it so you go out of the competition,” says Per Herrey. It was the message they received.

Fremantlemedias CEO Magnus Karlsson Lamm declined yesterday to stay in the Aftonbladet newspaper in the Morning in the morning. Nöjesbladet seek him for a comment. SEE ALSO Hit back: "They do not understand the Idol”


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