Saturday, November 26, 2016

So good was Håkan hellström’s opening – Aftonbladet

There was a ceiling to hit in anyway.

of Course.

Håkan Hellström is still glowing well, but he is now back in everyday life.

In a way it was logical.

After having done three historical plays in years – a uppvärmningsgig at the Gramercy Theatre in New York was followed by two attendance record at Ullevi stadium – it was expected that this would come.

To call it backlash, however, is to be a little bit dramatic. It’s not what it’s about.

But considering how high the 42-year-old gothenburg son have putted the roof in recent years, it is now also up to extreme heights as he all the time need to achieve.

2016 has been incredibly generous towards the Håkan Hellström and with good reason. Latest album "Du gamla, Du fria" contains some of his best songs. When he now aims to connect its successful year, it becomes, however, with a sense of everyday life.

It is not really so strange.

No history is written in the evening

after two electric vibrating celebrations will now have an opening in a regular mellanarena. From Ullevi 70 000 in the crowd to would like to 12 000. Håkan Hellström is back at the level he was previously. Life before the double publikrekorden.

There is no history that is written this evening. It is a great game evening – Håkan Hellström and band ror the boat so that the sweat is getting closer – but it’s not really more than that.

Nothing to write home to their grandchildren about.

Håkan Hellström are constantly on their toes – ready to swing blow after blow. He shows off his best Michael Jackson-step, going down on his knees, stands up, spins, and let your feet hover above the ground. The band closes all the time up as a cluster behind him. In the background excites LaGaylia Frazier. It’ll go faster and faster.

Some of that energy has always been an important part of Håkan hellström’s music but sometimes it’s that the songs are crammed into a corner on the fly. The tutas in the vänsterfilen when a little tender love would have been a better tune.

Dressed in a denim jacket with ryggemblem and a white kråsskjorta sing Hellström heart out just like he usually do. He is never ever bad. His level is sky-high.

Sticking the needle in their balloon

But it gets a finish that is a bit like Håkan Hellström sticking the needle in his own balloon. After the Amazon-the singer Amanda Bergman acted duet partner in what turns out to be the evening’s last song – "Open through the entire night", one of the less good tracks from the new album – ends the Year by asking for a coin from the audience. Then is all over.

What was it about the coin? He needed a fiver for the car park?

Yes, don’t ask me.

After an evening that, at times, been brilliant landed everything in a question mark.

very disappointing.

In the cracks, the light will enter

the Year’s best song may open. But who threw in this magical song in the dryer and pressed on the program for kakafonisk flöjtrock?

Mitt Gullbergs kaj paradis

Tut Tut. Well it is fun and party, but we must not forget the feeling in the parking lot for it.

You can go your own way

Sing-along and fist in the air. The full set was it also here. It is apparently the style that comes tonight.


Oh. This naivistiska love ballad gets even a little naknare with it alone pianospelet. The heart offers up tårkanalerna.


Yes, this is the way to sharpen a låtpärla. Now it is the heart that are wide open, and switch.

You must die a few times before you can live

One of the Swedish musikhistorias most true titles. Is that a catch of the day-tattoo in the lower back.

Uppsnärjd in the blue

Boom. Aje. Straight in the stomach. Not, it is possible to resist this. Hellstrom slips forward purely literal.

vid protesfabrikens stängsel

Oh my goodness so nice. You need blowing the nose in the Markus Larsson.


Life. So wonderful it still is. It is easy to philosophise.

Gårdakvarnar and shit

As if the stars invited to a big juicy maxiballad. They don’t go apart when you go with Håkan and the band.

2 step from paradise

LaGaylia has got hold of matches and bonfires on the arrangement. It burns during the soulfossingarna.


Bad street – what a wonderful address. You can get his mail addressed there?

Love is a letter sent a thousand times

Håkan hugs the heart. And so the trumpet on this. And wait – now comes the saxophone in from the left. And LaGaylia from the right. Can anyone suffice luktsaltet for now it is dåndimp deluxe.

Faith and doubt

Håkan soars up from his knees. Everyone gets to dance when it is kongosparty.

Come on Lena

Now, burn it in pakistan and afghanistan again. As to get a tray of hot shots served inside.


the Heart goes off in the middle, and glued together by Stefan Sporséns trumpet in the 00-century’s finest love song.

When the lamps light up

A power ballad on the island Hisingen, which mentions the E6? Yeah, sure. Circulate.

Your time

Also this year’s best song and now in his most lyckosaliga form. The evening’s absolute peak.



Amanda Bergman shows up in the year and the dress on the whole song. Håkan connect when it is time to think on the chorus.

A midsummer night’s dream

the Revolution sounds loco motion meet the boogie woogie. All may bring.

I Feel no sorrow for me Gothenburg

Håkan holds up in the stands. Then it becomes konfettikalas. Approximately so.

It will never be over for me

Begins with a physical fall, but Hellström stumble, of course, nothing more. Håkan, you always have the right in this track.

You is

Amanda and Hakan in the new duet. Now hyperventilerar the heart.

Open through the entire night

Amanda Bergman remains as håkan’s ultimate duet partner. The intro to the snopna the end.


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