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“Nocturnal Animals”-director Tom Ford makes up with the image of happiness – the Swedish Radio

Fashion is not permanent. Are you someone who wants to express something, there is nothing that beats the film, ” says Tom Ford.

Fashion is fleeting, film is forever. Tom Ford may be one of our time’s most successful fashion designers, but when we meet in London he does everything to produce its illustrious career as a simple brödjobb.

It is undermined a tad by his revelation. Tom Ford is striding into the hotel room, slender and tanned and dressed in a well tailored black suit. He was a modestjärna as head designer at Gucci – nowadays, dress he Hollywoodeliten, and all the others who have advice, under their own name. But the film has always been Tom Ford’s first love.

– You can watch an old movie, where everyone involved is dead long ago, and still grabs the tag. When making the film you get to create entire worlds in which people live and die, and it lasts forever, ” says Tom Ford.

He made his debut as a filmmaker in 2009 with the gripping drama “A single man”. Colin Firth Was cast in the role of a gay university teachers in the 60′s California who loses his partner in a car accident, and is forced to mourn in secret.

Now is the Tom Ford up to date with his second film, “Nocturnal animals”, a suggestive dramathriller with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal in the leading roles.

the Film is really three stories in one. It is based on a novel by Austin Wright and is about Susan, a gallerist in Los Angeles who has a seemingly perfect life, with a beautiful home and a successful man, but under the surface she is deeply unhappy. One day she receives a package from his exman Edward. It contains the script of the novel, a violent tale of a man who is the victim of a terrible tragedy – and the book is dedicated to Susan.

While Susan reads the book played it up for us. The novel’s main character is Tony, who gets his life destroyed by a väggren in Texas. His car stopped by three men who take from him the dearest he has. The story throws Susan 20 years back in time, to her and Edwards love story and the traumatic break-up.

Just like “A single man” was full of glamorous 60-talsmode so is “Nocturnal animals” is also a stylish film. Susan dress in expensive designer clothes that match the exclusive environments in which she moves in.

– the Fashion in the film is linked to this character, trying to fit into an artificial world, a world that for her is cold and grey and miserable. Since I am also a fashion designer so I am constantly on my guard against letting the two worlds meet, ” says Tom Ford, who outright admits that he desperately wants to be taken seriously as a filmmaker.

In sharp contrast to Susan’s blankputsade world is the environments of the Edwards novel. The book takes place on the rough countryside in west Texas, where psykopaten Ray and his cronies will be the architects to Tony’s downfall. The british actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, known from movies like “Nowhere boy” and “Kick-ass”, makes the film’s most memorable effort that Ray – a man who you do not want to face in the middle of the night, on a country road outside the cellular network.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was worried that he would play over in the role of the charismatic Ray, but Tom Ford knew exactly what he wanted out of his actors.

It was Tom Ford himself who held the scissors when Ray would get their droopy moustaches and fläskkotlettsformade sideburns.

” It was very intimate. But he was not above the others in the team, they were rather fascinated by the fact that he was so interested in their craft, ” says Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

“Nocturnal animals” begins with a scene which has aroused strong reactions. Three thick, half-naked, aging women dancing unabashedly in front of the camera, in a kind of amerikana-kitchig burleskshow. Soon it turns out that the scene is a videokonstverk in the Abc gallery. Tom Ford’s thinking himself the first work of a european artist’s reaction to the overfed and antiquated united states – but during the recording, that changed his perspective.

” I fell in love with these women, in their personalities and in their freedom. Their joy was so beautiful. I realized that they were free for that they have let go of how our culture dictates that they should look like. In contrast to Susan, they have accepted themselves, ” says Tom Ford.

For him the essence of “Nocturnal animals” – the contrast between the real happiness and the one that we see in the commercials. Sure, the cashmere feels wonderful but it is not luxury that will make us happy.

” the Picture of the happy state that our culture sells to us is not true. You can have a happy morning and a jättesorgsen afternoon, but we are going on antidepressants because we believe that we must be happy all the time – and that we can buy us the happiness, ” says Tom Ford.

He looks a little embarrassed, and admits that he is well aware that he in the 30 years has worked in an industry that eagerly bonfires on the lyckomyten. But it has also gotten him to realize what really matters in life: relationships with other people.

And it is also what the film is about, ” he says.


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