Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dull and thin – Danny was with for early – Aftonbladet


What was it?

It was 90 minutes of your life that you never get to again.

It became clear that Danny Saucedo was in the program too early.

Now this shall not be construed as an attack on the Danny Saucedos person.

Since the script requires that the artists comes up with something personal to the table, like a crisis, a compulsory party that can tonsättas with the sad music, it becomes like that the critics, in the end, reviewing the participants ‘ lives.

But it would be both hjärtlöst and impossible. "So much better" is no documentary. It’s an enjoyable vuxenkollo, where everyone involved can present more or less friserade versions of themselves. They know exactly what to leave out, and say. It unique is, and remains, the most spontaneous and heartwarming reactions during and after the interpretations.

It was interesting Little Jinder yet posed the question of why someone chooses to participate in, for example, an "Idol".

"Idol", and "Let’s dance" and the Eurovision song contest can make you famous and you can get an audience. But it never guarantees a career. How will you handle the attention afterwards if you have never stood on its own two feet without it?

Danny Saucedo has participated in all of them and, from what he told me in the program, having the right bad of it. To be the puppet of the popular tv formats is to take on a tight shirt. Eventually it can become suffocating. What should you do and take the road when the show is over? To "only" be the second in the Eurovision song contest instantly assume gigantic proportions. Who is the man?

There was not time, but the artists had been talking even more about the subject. Any time, it would also be fun if they honestly and frankly stated in front of the cameras why they are in the covermaskinen "So much better" also. But it does not happen until a person who operates with God to become president of the united states.

the Episode’s biggest problem was the songs. It is low on the item in the Saucedos directory. All the groping and trampling wrong. Spjuvern Tommy Nilsson chose to sing to Danny via his mobile phone.


the Single "Burning in the chest" is the large exclamation mark. There are clear signs that Danny still has a different and more personal career ahead of him.

a few years would be a "much better"-section on him have had a greater musical substance. Now was just the part, either thin or silly.

But enough about that.

To all of you who think that the critics should keep face and not have a lot of opinions about the popular tv-program I have an early christmas present.

due to popular demand, and once again – here is a short and guaranteed objective chronicle of the sixth episode of "So much better":

Six of the participants sat around a table on the island of Gotland. All sang. the Jill Johnson trampled baskagge. the Lisa Ekdahl played the bass guitar. the Magnus Carlson showed the breast. The program included the commercial breaks. And Tommy Nilsson cried out "fuck, fuck".

You are welcome. Have now an objectively nice weekend.


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