Saturday, November 19, 2016

So good was the interpretations of Lisa Ekdahl in the TV4 Expressen

• Lisa Ekdahl, 45, broke through with the self-titled debut in 1994. The single “Who knows” was a huge success. In Lisa’s episode got the viewers hear jättehiten several times. Both interpreted by Freddie Wadling, and performed by Lisa and the season’s other participants.

• Lisa has released eight studio albums, the last two in English. She has also given out jazzskivor with the Peter Nordahl Trio.

• Singer/guitarist/composer tom green has toured throughout Europe and reached a large audience in France.

In tonight’s episode of “So much better” on TV4 in sweden it was time for Lisa Ekdahl to be interpreted by the artistvännerna.

After eight studio albums and numerous side projects, the participants had a lot of songs to choose from.

the Swedish newspaper Expressen’s Anders Nunstedt has listened to the interpretations, and this is getingbetygen:

Danny Saucedo

“Open up your window”

3 wasps

After a series of more or less confused interpretations delivers Danny a sort of follow-up to the premiäravsnittets souliga upptempohit “Talk of the town”. A clear syntslinga, a light, rhythm guitar, clear beat and a orupsk delivery in the chorus makes it work again.

Little Jinder

“Everything has an end”

3 wasps

The discrete output feels taken from a british klubbgolv. It crackled on the electroballaden, which lands on a different continent than the original – bossavisan “Happiness is brief”. The song’s talk box get it the dreamy arrangement to lift.

Magnus Carlsson

“the Ruling ties that bind me”

3 wasps

Mr. Retro combines their two legs. It’s jazzy, and it souliga, and turning Lisa ekdahl’s tearful Winnerbäck-show to a tentative but confident ballad. Weeping Willows-drama king is back, and he sings like he means every word.

Tommy Nilsson

“the Ruling ties that bind me”

1 wasp

Sometimes, it sounds like Tommy is not listening to any music published after 1987. That he is stuck in a tidsloop where John Farnham and U2 all make music, and anything produced by Anders Glenmark. And with fotbollskören feel hypoxic.

Jill Johnson


2 wasps

Hard to fail with, but Jill is teetering really on the border with its “sexy” version. For a while it feels like she happens to interpret Marilyn Monroe’s “I wanna be loved but you” instead. Fixed banjoplocket where the scanian country meets näpen latinojazz is nice.


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