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Big fire at Lars Vilks works of art – Göteborgs-Posten

Art&Design Lars Vilks, the artwork Nimis has burned down, according to the police, it is probably on a landscaped fire. – It is at least 25% of the artwork that has burned down, ” says Fredrik Bratt, public relations officer at the Police in the southern Region.

It was at 18 the time the police was alerted about the incident. According to the alarm would be Lars Vilks, the artwork Nimis at Kullaberg to be in flames – something that shortly thereafter could be confirmed.

- It is at least 25% of the artwork that has burned down, ” says Fredrik Bratt, public relations officer at the Police in the South Region.

Waiting on the flu

the GP has been in contact with Lars Vilks, who yet do not want to say too much about what has happened

“I heard it a while ago, and is awaiting more information from my reporters,” he says to GP.

To Aftonbladet, he says that he was not prepared for the fire.

” It was a long time ago, it burned. It has been quiet for many years, so I thought somehow that part was over. I was surprised that someone set fire on it and wonder who or what motives you have, if it might have come new motives into the picture, ” he says to Aftonbladet.

reset artwork

” It gets interesting when things happen. When you attack art, it will be interesting. A work of art that no one cares about, it disappear. It’s tough and a pretty brutal form of criticism, ” he says to TT.

Nimis will be restored, but he was limited by the threat that exists against him.

” I can’t get out of the way as I have done in the past. I live under surveillance and Nimis, is a riskmål and after this the fire I start from assessing it as an even higher risk, so I must rely on my assistants, ” he says to TT.

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Police: Likely crimes behind

Emergency services have jerked off to the Peninsula with a large force, consisting of both the rescue and fire trucks. At just after 22 in the evening, it was still in place with eftersläckning.

“Firefighters are still on site so they may assess what will happen tonight,” says Lars Rundh, internal command of the Emergency services.

How it looks with the artwork?

“5% is uppbrunnet. It is not uppbrunnet I don’t know so much about. It is difficult to say when it’s so dark out,e. It is a very inaccessible place, ” says Lars Rundh.

According to the police, you are probably dealing with a landscaped fire.

” We have crime in mind. It is difficult to a no natural reason why it would start to burn out there. says Fredrik Bratt.

the Police headlining the event as arson. The site has been blocked and will be examined by the police forensic specialists.

Living under constant threat

the Artwork is located on the Devil stones in the Kullaberg nature reserve and the construction of the work began in 1980. Since 2007, there has been an increased threat against Lars Vilks, this is after he published karikatyrbilder in the Nerikes Allehanda. Since then he has been living under a protected identity and constant threat.

the GP has previously written about the artwork Dalonien that burned up earlier in the year. The reason why the fire should have been that the artwork had matured and that it represented a danger for the visitors.

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Facts Nimis

An artistic construction at the beach of the Kullaberg nature reserve, near Arild, made with driftwood and fallvirke of Lars Vilks, 1980-92.

Nimis is the only major art works of the kind, country art carried out in Sweden, and it has attracted a lot of attention. Then it, without permission, constructed in a nature reserve, it has also become subject for legal intervention, and controversy.

Since Governments largely burned down in 1985 built Vilks up the artwork again with a partial change of form. Storms also damaged the work through the years.

Nimis owned 1984-86 by the German artist Joseph Beuys, and later also by the Bulgarian artist Christo.

Source: TT.


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