Friday, November 18, 2016

Nocturnal Animals – chilly fashion in thrillerform – Sveriges Radio

Susan has sleep problems and not only that. She lives in an unhappy marriage with a scenic refrigerator to you. She runs a gallery, one where the white, glasväggat with modern art and unhappy staff that strut around and backstabbar each other. It is quite incomprehensible how Amy Adams hudlösa, varmögda small stature has ended up in a livsläge reminiscent of something african is in a obduktionssal.

And stop it in the image of Tom Ford’s film takes place in some kind of laboratory, so it is Amy Adams who is the little näbbmusen to be opened and examined. She has chosen the wrong understand. There was a time when her relationships were genuine. As to the infinitely charming but framtidslöse author wannabeen Edward, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Not good enough for mom, understand, and summarize some of the psychological depth in this story about an unhappy middle-aged woman. Misunderstand me right, Amy Adams is lovely to see with its transparent skin and red hair. It is like the old fashion designer Tom Ford sure also, here he’s got a really cute little människodocka to play with. Dress in gråluddiga kashmirtröjor and place on kitchen equipment in brushed steel.

But there is a parallel dimension also, and that her old dumped the stuffed toy to the boyfriend sent. A violent and brutal history of a family taken prisoner. Stopped on the highway by some lawless youths, related with the guys in Kubrick’s "A clockwork orange". They like ultravåld, and it becomes a sickening, violent and bizarre encounter between the little politically correct medelklassfamiljen – mom, dad, daughter – where the mother is played by Isla Fisher and the father of Jake Gyllenhaal.

It is well the only really interesting with this movie, slip between different realities, where the ex-boyfriend possibly made a violent, dream-like interpretation of the Abc and his old relationship. But perhaps it is here, above all, a film that caters to Hollywoodbor and global lovers of luxury who are lost among the wine bottles and auktionsfynden. For the cold from a very own ice machine impresses not on me anyways.


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