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Best manustipsen from the authors to the christmas calendar – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Per Simonsson and Stefan Roos was lauded for his previous advent calendar “Thieves christmas” (2011). Photo: Private.

If Simonsson & Roos,

Name: Per Simonsson and Stefan Roos.

Born: , 1975, respectively, in 1970.

Profession: writers and directors.

Current: Julkalendern "selma’s Saga", as shown on SVT 1 and in February at manned at 07.15 (sat–sun 08.45) and 18.45 from 1-24 december.

Bibliography: Created child – and familjeprogrammen "Jonson & the Pips", "the Knight of the Pelargonien", "Thieves christmas" and the feature film "the Sorcerer’s daughter". Also write on a barnboksserie if Klappsnapparna and Charlie (the characters from "the Thieves christmas").

currently Writing: In book no. 4 and 5 in Klappsnappar series.

Hello there Per Simonsson & Stefan Roos, writers and directors!

How is it to write for such a renowned tv production as a christmas calendar?

– Jätteinspirerande! It feels like a really special honor. When we were little and grew up with themselves to look at the julkalendrar and then get making your own is lots of fun! For us who really want to make a real christmas carol, the challenge is extra-large, because we were so hungry that it would have to be very magic and exciting environments in "selma’s saga". There are things that of course are extra expensive to make.

What is your recipe for success as a writer?

” First and foremost we must think about the stories! And to tell them. Then we need to work out, if you want to be a writer is just to write on! The worst thing you can do is sit and wait for someone else to ask if to write.

It must be so musicians feel when they are about to release a new album. You know that the new object will be compared with the previous successes.

– It is also good to watch movies and tv series available. If you really like a certain film, then look really carefully at it. Try to see how the story is structured and how the characters move through the story. Then of course, there are many training programs also, but it is difficult to give any specific recommendation because we both are self-taught. However, there are a lot of good script-skrivarböcker.

What ingredients need to be in order to capture today’s young generation?

” Actually, it’s probably the same things that are always needed: it’s all about the characters to care about. Then there is the never wrong with an exciting adventure, either …

Your last advent calendar "Thieves christmas" won the Crystal 2012 for "best children and youth program". How is it to live up to the success?

” It must be so musicians feel when they are about to release a new album. You know that the new object will be compared with the previous successes. But the important thing is that this is a completely new story. We believe that if those who liked "the Thieves christmas" give this a chance and see many of the section – so they will hopefully think about "selma’s saga" also.

How do you share the work between you?

” We spånar and structuring the story together, then we share on the sections and write dialogmanus in their direction. Then, we are each other’s manusredaktörer and saws and pepper together. And saw some. When none of us complain anymore, so we know that it works!

When the idea was born to "selma’s tale"?

” almost ten years ago brainstormed we an idea of two quirky adventurers who would go to the north Pole to see if santa exists. On ballongresan batter a little orphan kid. Where was sown the seed for both parts of the "Thieves christmas" and "selma’s saga". After the "Thieves christmas" asked SVT if we had more ideas in the back of the head. Stefan and I took a break, and remember, it’s where the approach on the researchers to prove santa’s existence. There is something fun with it, because it is always around christmas of talk about whether the plot exists or not. So now it is proven!

the Duo’s best manustips

1. Look at a lot of the movie, and read a lot of books!

Even if you of course try to find your own style, so it’s silly to reinvent the wheel. See how your favoritmanus are built and learn from it.

2. Alfred Hitchcock said that the three most important things in a screenplay is Structure, structure and structure.

you’ll build a beautiful house must fundamentally be sustainable, otherwise raging the how nice the facade is.

3. Keep in mind that a story in the first place should be about any and not something.

There must be one or several people the story revolves around and as for the story forward, that we who are reading the script or watching the film can relate to and feel for. Take, for example, "selma’s saga". The story is not really about an expedition to Santa’s Kingdom, but about the people of Selma and Ephraim. The trip to Santa’s Kingdom are just the exciting adventure that they are about. But it is not the heart in history.

4. Write as soon as you get the inspiration.

And write when you have inspiration also. Suddenly, when you feel that you come on something good, so become you inspired! (Writer’s block is not something we believe in – it’s just laziness.)

5. Let your stories be about characters and themes that YOU are interested in!

You are the first audience. If you do not yourself become interested in your idea, so it is better to get on something new!

6. Don’t let yourself be stopped by that you feel uncomfortable in the language, or the like.

It is not a book you should write (in this case) without a script. It is not so important to spell correctly, or similar. The important thing is that it is a engaging story, with fun/interesting characters! (It actually applies even if it is a book you want to write. Of course, there is rättstavningsprogram and the like.)


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