Monday, November 28, 2016

The criticism against Sanna Nielsen for the image – Expressen

Sanna Nielsen performs in kimono, round glasses, and big teeth in Oscarsrevyn.

Now, accused her of being racist, after having posted pictures of herself in the outfit on Facebook.

“Yellowface is racist bullying in its purest form.” writes one person in the comments

the Beloved presenter Sanna Nielsen, 32, is in question.

After putting up pictures of himself in a kimono, with tjockbottnade glasses and big teeth accused her of being racist.

Sanna Nielsen performs now with Oscarsrevyn, and it is in the “allsång på Skansen”-the presenter is dressed up.

On his Facebook page, Sanna Nielsen put up a picture of himself in the suit, along with Robert Gustavsson.

“We say thank you for a fantastic revue-week!” writes the artist to the image.

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Now reacts to Nielsen’s followers on the images, and on Facebook she is met by much criticism. Many think that Sanna Nielsen, who previously beaten back the harsh words she met when she was appointed to this year julvärd in SVT, yourself are doing the bullying.

“Really sad to see that you do not understand bullying better myself. Yellowface is racist bullying in its purest form. Think again, think right!” writes a person to the picture on Facebook, and refers to the artist’s earlier post that she had been bullied as a youth.

“Disgusting, and it’s been True that the use rasstereotyper to satisfy “the people”. You ought to learn the lessons and insight to the terrible näthat and cyber-bullying you were subjected to a week ago” like a different person.

“Please, Sanna Nielsen. You stand yourself up against bullying in all its forms and then direct yourself to participate in a directly racist bullying. Why?” wonders a person.

Expressen have searched for Sanna Nielsen for comment.

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