Friday, November 25, 2016

Dermot Clemenger damaged in the violent hästolycka – Aftonbladet

When Dermot Clemenger red with an already broken arm, threw the horse of him again.

Now he has both arms gipsade and is hospitalized.

“I have a lot of pain but with a little bit of morphine, it becomes manageable,” he says to Nöjesbladet.

Dermot Clemenger is one of this year’s participants in SVT:s "Stjärnhoppningen". A tv program broadcast in February where a group of celebrities learn to ride and then compete in horse jumping.

During last week’s training was Dermot Clemmenger had to switch horses. Unfortunately he fell of the horse and received a fracture of the right arm.

Despite the fact that he chose to participate in the final which was held at the Friends Arena on Thursday. But where was the accident ahead of the game again.
– the Horse became scared and bolted, ” says Dermot to Nöjesbladet.

A surprised audience watched Dermot fall to the ground. Several people took the mouth as a reaction to the nasty case.

In a post on Instagram telling Dermot how the horse got stage fright and threw him violently which resulted in that he broke the scaphoid in my left hand.

"a Gruesome, evil and sad that this wonderful experience ended like this," he writes.

For Nöjesbladet, he says that he was forced to take a taxi to the Södersjukhuset hospital in Stockholm.

the profile has the plaster now on both arms and write that he has so hurt that he wants to cry. He is still hospitalized.

“I have a lot of pain but with a little bit of morphine, it becomes manageable,” he says.

the Plan is to go home on Saturday.

” I’m just left when I could not drive my car. A friend is going to drive me home in the morning.

Despite the nasty accident is Dermot Clemenger happy that he participated in the program.

"Despite a week from hell so I regret nothing. Would also like to thank everyone who was at Friends yesterday who responded with encouraging words," he writes. SEE ALSO Clemengers sawing "Are unsuccessful"


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