Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Edin Dzemat won the “Chefs ‘ battle” – Expressen

Edin Dzemat took home the victory in the "Chefs ‘ struggle."

the Chef trounced the opposition in the final and won with record.

“It feels great,” says Edin.

Edin Dzemat, 32, is this year’s winner of the "Chefs ‘struggle’. He won with record against Pelle Johansson in tonight’s final.

” It is great fun. To take home, this was amazing and it feels great, ” he says.

It was routine against the talent in the fifth season’s finale of the program. The opponent Pelle Johansson, 42 and many years of tv chef, joined in with the odds against him when Edin gathered a record number of medals during the season.

Pelle Johansson went out strong in the first phase of the competition – which consisted in the joust, potatoes. He tried psyching Edin by pressing on their routine.

“this was popular when he played floorball in sockiplast,” he says in the program.

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Edin: "I was kolugn"

Pelle Johansson won the moment. Then took it to a stop. Edin took home the other two elements.

” I was kolugn in the final. Pelle was more perky and cheeky. I knew that I did not strike him on the potatoes. But my goal in the final was never speed, but accuracy and focus. It paid off on both the lamb and the oysters. I maintained calm and confidence and focused on what I’m best at, ” he says.

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Edin settled before the dessert

Then, would the finalists compose a three course meal on selected ingredients. But Edin Dzemat managed to determine even before the dessert was served. It was celebrity chef Markus Aujalay that brought down the decision after having tasted of the finalists ‘ dishes:

– The main course that appealed to me most had a very good balance between vegetables, meat and, above all, a good sauce. And the cooking of the huvudråvaran appealed to me the most, ” he says in the program.

Aujalay gives the point to the Edin – starting jump of happiness. Edin then had amassed 14 medals against pelle’s 3, which meant an unassailable lead. Edin won the competition with 23 medals for Pelles 5.

– The most important thing for me in the final was to perform a really good three course meal. Where did I show that I am a good chef and not just a hackmaskin, ” says Edin Dzemat.

Pelle Johansson: "Is with the battle"

the Runner-up Pelle Johansson celebrates Edins bet and seems to take the with ro:

” I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come in this competition. I have shown that I am with, and stealing in all cases. Since I’m not up before this landslagskaptenen in the three-course meal in an hour and a half. It can I hell to live with, ” he says in the program.

Edin Dzemat runs a tavern in a city Cost and has previously been a team captain for the Swedish culinary team. He defeated among other things, the chefs Markus Aujalay, Isabella Morrone and Henrik Norström in this year’s edition of the Chefs ‘ struggle.


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