Thursday, November 17, 2016

Now it’ll be the end of Idol’s slave contracts – financial times

do not Believe that Idol-participants are a bunch of spoiled snorungar when they require more paid. The conditions that the idols are forced to write in is so bad that the musicians union calls it the “hair-raising”. Now require the tray to Fremantle Media, which produces Idol for TV4, to sign a collective bargaining agreement.

We TV-viewers will see a very small part of everything that the participants have to do during the competition. The appearances that qualified for the final twenty in the program have too long work hours, certain days are scheduled up to 16 hours.

the Company says tvärnej

in Addition to the rehearsals and preparations for the tv broadcasts to participate in work-shops, blogging on the TV4s platforms and participate in sponsors ‘ events. For all of this pays Fremantle Media measly 875 per week after tax to the participants.

the musicians union has known about the situation long ago. But it is only this year that they can pursue the case thanks to the participants themselves and turned to the tray and asked for help.

In the autumn, has taken the logical fallacy contact with the production company to get them to sign a collective agreement. However, Fremantle Media has said tvärnej.

Strike on Friday

the union has, therefore, gone ahead and given notice of a conflict. They have notified this to the national mediation office and the government authority has, in turn, appointed a mediator. Everything according to the rule book. If not Fremantle Media agrees to sign a collective agreement so will tray to take out the idols in the strike.

the Production company has a week to accept trade union requirements, otherwise there will be no TELEVISION entertainment. It is just the way the Swedish labour market model works.

Called up the parents

so Far, Fremantle Media continued to act extremely doubtful.

According to the Per Herrey, a lawyer at the musicians union should the production company have called the idols to the meeting to inquire about who intend to go on strike ahead of next week’s Friday finale.

” the Production company said, given you have the right to strike, but you do it so you go out of the competition, said Herrey.

the Company shall have called the participants ‘ parents in order to increase the pressure.


Regardless of how it goes for the idols in the competition, they have already won on one level. They have conducted a historical important document by taking the fight for decent working conditions for themselves and future Idol-participants. Hopefully inspired other young people on the labour market to take after their idols.


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