Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Now, turn the back toward the front of the declaration of war. – Aftonbladet

the musicians union announces strike if not the idols of the working conditions to be improved.

Now hit the production company back toward the declaration of war.

” They have no understanding of the “Idol”, says Magnus Karlsson Lamm, managing director of Fremantlemedia.

At lunchtime on Wednesday, the day of receipt of the production company unions ‘ notice of strike, revealed Nöjesbladet earlier in the day.

the musicians union criticizes the agreement that the idols must write in order to participate in the autumn veckofinaler.

If the parties do not agree before 14: 00 next Friday calls on the musicians union to idols and musicians to refuse to work, which would make it difficult for TV4 to conduct a live broadcast.

the Unions ‘ demands are clear: sign a collective bargaining agreement, or taken further industrial action. SEE ALSO the Threat: "Idol" can be stopped by the strike

Anything that gets the production company Fremantle media to react strongly.

” We are of course surprised that they have sent out such a press release. We are surprised at their move, especially since we met last week and we have been open for a dialogue, ” says Magnus Karlsson Lamm, CEO of Fremantlemedia.

How do you Musikerförbundets requirements?

– the Basis is that we are very very proud of “Idol” and the opportunities that exist. The whole idea is that we turn to oetablerade talents that goes from the flick – and pojkrummet straight into a television programme, and offers everything from vocal coaches to korreografer. We think we have a good contract and completely in level with the other tv contract in Sweden. It is nothing other than a quite reasonable agreement. Now they want to impose on us a collective bargaining agreement that is not at all possible to apply on us as a production company. And, if we do not do as they want, they act as they have done in the day. They have no understanding of the “Idol”.

About the idols go out on strike, there will be no program – how are you going about it?

” I don’t know how we are going to act on it, I have not been through anything like this before. But we are not worried. We are in full production with our idols, they are jättepeppade before the broadcast. We will continue to give them the best conditions, everything else would be a betrayal of the idols.

After the unions ‘ criticism – are you open to reviewing anything in the agreement?

” We have been open for a dialogue. For example, we have offered them to help us find an alternative to a lawyer who they believe is more independent than that paid by the us. I think we take a responsibility. We have also called for the idols to get in touch with the musicians union and other lawyers to review the agreement if they have any questions. We have also been open to if it is something we should take up against the record companies.

According to the musicians union has idols turned to them to pursue this issue. Have you noticed the discontent?

– Everyone must feel free to feel, think and say what they want. We try to take care of all as best we can. If they have comments so I hope that they say it to us. We have not perceived that it is one of the idols who are dissatisfied, if that was the case we had listened. We have been asked along the journey if there is someone who wants to talk.

Idols might not dare to…

– It is difficult for me to answer, we can’t do more than ask the question.

It doesn’t sound as if you and the union will agree…

” I have full respect for the musicians union to do its job, but when it comes to “Idol” and their argument is they are difficult to adapt to. And they know that.


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