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Vilks: Nimis should be restored – Aftonbladet

Accident. Lars Vilks, controversial works of art Nimis been severely damaged by a fire. “A brutal form of criticism,” says Vilks himself. He expects that Governments shall be restored once again.

Around a quarter of the timber structure at Kullaberg in northwest Skåne has been destroyed, according to civil protection assessment.

– the Tower closest to the water has burnt down completely. But about 75% of the artwork is left, ” says Mattias Johansson, fire protection engineer at the civil protection, Northwest Skåne to TT.

Late on Thursday night, emergency crews remained at the scene to extinguish the glödbränder and make sure that the fire did not spread to the forest in the surrounding area.

Brandorsaken is not resolved.

“Art benefit”

Lars Vilks himself is trying to see something positive in the fire, which is not the first suffered by the Nimis.

– I have my motto, “everything is an advantage”. You can always find an optimistic flag and we have, after all, the artworks that will be exposed to violence benefit from always of it, it may comfort themselves with, ” says Lars Vilks, to the TT, and continues:

– It will be interesting when things happen. When you attack art, it will be interesting. A work of art that no one cares about, it disappear. It’s tough and a pretty brutal form of criticism.

Nimis will be restored, but he was limited by the threat that exists against him.

– I can’t get out of the way as I have done in the past. I live under surveillance and Nimis, is a riskmål and after this the fire I start from assessing it as an even higher risk, so I have to rely on my helpers.

Two theories

Now waiting for he to see the photographs of the fire-weary work.

– well, We’ll see when the destruction scrolls up here and you can see some pictures of how it looks. Then you can make an assessment.

Vilks has two theories on who or what may be behind the fire, if it is landscaped. The long teased on the artwork, or those outraged by the rondellhunden. He is surprised it happened and the fact that there have been some indications that it would happen.

– There were, of course, the times when you raged constantly, then it was constant attacks. But now it has established itself as a fairly quiet turistobjekt, it seemed pretty quiet.

the Alarm if the fire came at 18.30 in the evening from a caller who had seen the fire in the distance. The artwork is inaccessible, which hampered fighting the fire. The emergency services had to use portable motorsprutor entered into with the boat.

Police suspect that the fire is arson and headlining the case as arson. The site is cordoned for the technical investigation.

30-40, 000 visitors per year

Martin Schibli, artistic director at Växjö konsthall, says to TT that the Nimis is one of the most visited konstplatserna in Skåne, a place to make excursions to.

He says that the work has 30-40, 000 visitors per year despite the fact that it is relatively difficult to get there.

– Dunkers kulturhus in nearby Helsingborg will not be in the vicinity of the numbers despite the fact that it is more accessible. That way is he was a very popular artist.

He describes Governments as one of the most significant “land art”-art in Europe, and that it has several meanings.

– Very few artists have been able to drive it so far. About how society and law work and with a great sense of humour, ” says Schibli.

Ann-Sofi Roxhage is the acting director of Göteborgs konsthall:

– I have visited the work, and it is incredibly cool and a seminal work on the contemporary art scene, ” she says.


Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was born in Helsingborg, sweden in 1946. He is a self-taught artist and has been since the end of the 1970s, worked with conceptual art, including works of art Nimis and Arx in Kullaberg nature reserve.

After the controversy surrounding Jutland-Posten’s prophet mohammed naked cartoon Vilks Muhammad as a roundabout dog. When the artwork 2007 published in several Swedish newspapers, it led to massive protests.

in October 2009, arrested american Colleen LaRose, also known as “JIhad Jane”, in the united states for plans to assassinate Vilks. LaRose was sentenced in 2014 to ten years in prison.

in the Spring of 2010 arrested seven people in Ireland suspected of plans to assassinate Vilks. One of them was american Jamie Paulin Ramirez, also known as “Jihad Jamie”. She was extradited to the united states and sentenced to eight years in prison.

In may 2010, the artist’s home, near Höganäs, for a brandattentat. Two young men were sentenced in the court of appeal to imprisonment for two and three years.

In the fall of 2011 arrested three men in Gothenburg, sweden. They were charged with having prepared a murder at the Vilks, but was acquitted in the district court and the court of appeal.

In February 2015 attended by Lars Vilks at a meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. The offender, Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein opened fire on the meeting and one person was killed. A few hours later, he murdered a jewish man outside a synagogue. Five police officers were injured in the attacks. El-Hussein was shot later to death by police outside his home.


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