Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sweden and Loreen can be the biggest losers – Aftonbladet

Neither Charlotte Perrelli or Loreen is afraid of life.

They have the most to lose next year.

It is exactly the same procedure as last year.

When the participants are revealed you usually get to take the remote control and hitting himself in the head.

Repeating times. For at least a week. Otherwise it is not.

A hammer works good, too, for that matter.

But before 2017 do not need to indulge in it annual självskadebeteendet.

Sure, there is no reason to bathe naked in the fountain at Sergels torg of luck. There is never, never, never any reason to bathe at all right now.

Charlotte Perrelli and Loreen that puts a little milling on the show, at least a couple of months before the competition has begun.

Not to be such, but given that the average age of last year’s finalists was about twelve and a half years can Perrelli make it difficult. There is no one who expects that she’s going to go far. However, learn a lot, be interested in how deep she can fall.

And what is the intention of Loreen? How are the career? How big is the chance that it’ll go better in 2017 than with "Euphoria"? Is it really possible to do that Carola and Perrelli and win the contest multiple times in a day?

I have been wrong in the past, but it is extremely doubtful. Old merit seems in this context more as a burden than a benefit.

But without Loreen would be the competition at the same time, several kilos lighter.

Behind Sweden and Loreen is a… the usual cast of favourites in the replay (Ace Wilder, Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Mariette), classic schlagerdivor (Roger Pontare), representatives from the family Thisdynasty (Benjamin Ingrosso), and another card from the box "completely bananas" (Owe Thörnqvist) and some relatively unknown question mark:

Nano? Anton Hagman? Bella & Filippa? Dinah Nah?

The biggest skrällarna is in the fine print.

Producer and songwriter Robert "Mutt" Lange is one of the authors behind the grant with the The it starts roughly Conspiracy. "The Mutt" is overqualified for the Eurovision song contest is one of the year’s worst underdrifter.

He has produced "Back in black" with AC/DC, which is the world’s second best-selling studio album after the Michael Jackson "Thriller". Robert also produced the Shania Twain album "Come on over", which is the most sold country albums charts.

he was with and tailored Def leppard’s sound in the 80′s should also be mentioned. The list of accomplishments is longer than a flight between Kiruna, sweden and Australia, for the return.

And The Salazar Brothers that has been one of the Swedish hip hop backbone, both as members of the The Latin Kings and producers, is on a låtskrivarhörn was not exactly expected either.


The "Samir & Viktor": the overgrown teenagers in the They Know You.

The "if she only has one good song, so is podium ready": Mariette.

Hardest on the press conference: Roger Pontare. It looked as if the Billy GibbonsZZ Top had moved to the mountains.



Charlotte Perrellis crash: "I wanted to put the"


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