Thursday, November 24, 2016

Justin Bieber in danger of prosecution after the attack – financial times

Tuesday’s drama continues.

Now threatened Justin Bieber by the prosecution after the battle he shared out to his fan on Tuesday evening, writes the Mirror.

Justin Bieber is liable to prosecution. This after Tuesday’s incident when the world hit their fan, Kevin Ramirez, who leaned in through the car window.

– This issue is now in the hands of lawyers. They will take care of it. I can not disclose more information right now, ” says Kevin Ramirez, in a radio interview, according to the Mirror.

Justin Bieber was on site in Barcelona for a concert when Kevin Ramirez stretched out through it nedvevade the window. It resulted in Justin shared a fist in the face of Kevin who broke the lip and started bleeding.

“He could have putted away my hand, anything in addition to such an aggressive kind,” says Kevin Ramirez.

Kevin Ramirez would actually have gone to Justin bieber’s concert but instead chose to go home to take care of his cracked lip. SEE ALSO This beats Bieber him bloody,


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