Monday, November 21, 2016

Gessle: ”We don’t stop until someone dies” – Aftonbladet

Per Gessle goes solo again, with new album and summer tour.

For the first time, he mixes solo, Gyllene Tider and Roxettehits.

” But Marie and Gyllene Tider, it will be pretty much the same thing. Of course, there is a common denominator – I!

” I’ve been working more than ever, the last fifteen years. And I think it is more fun than ever! This is why I don’t want to stop, ” says Per Gessle to Nöjesbladet.

In the summer he would and bandkollegan Marie Fredriksson celebrating the new album "Good karma" and 30 years as Roxette with a big tour. But the concerts were cancelled, on the advice of the Fredrikssons doctor.

– Marie took the decision in the spring that she can’t give one hundred per cent longer. It is sad but at the same time quite expected … She is okay. She has problems with her leg still. That is what has stopped her. But it is just to work. Marie will not give up in the first place, ” says Gessle.

Have raised the guitar

the Songwriter and the artist has upped the guitar with ten centimetres – for the back’s sake – but is in top shape to head out on the roads.

Soloturnén "A beautiful evening" visiting the 19 Swedish cities next year.

” I feel great. I peakar in life now. Or, I peakar the sixth of July 2017, then it’s the premiere.

Helsingborg may first the concert, then the artist has released his first Swedish solo album in ten years. It was recorded in Nashville with, among others, producer Christoffer Lundquist, Anders Herrlin from the Golden Times, and local musicians.

– But there is no countryplatta. I went to Nashville to get new blood in the system. It is a cousin to the "Mazarin"on the plate. Very easy, beautiful and text-based.

Albums in our

The yet unbaptized the album will be released in the spring, before the tour. Unique for the concerts in 2017 will be to Gessle plays songs from all their three successful careers.

” I have thought of doing a sort of homage to my songwriting. I have been writing songs for way too long, I was about to say, but I have never toured based on my låtskatt.

How will it play Roxette without Marie?

” I think it will go pretty good. It will sound a bit different … But Marie and Gyllene Tider, it will be pretty much the same thing. Of course, there is one common denominator – me! It is not as strange as it sounds, ” says Per Gessle, and continues:

– All the songs I have written begins and ends, in fact, at my piano or my guitar.

"there Is no plan"

Roxette have put livebiten, but it is not inconceivable that there will be more music from the duo sometime.

” We dropped the plate in the summer and since there is no special plan. We said that we are running as long as Marie thinks it is fun and works. So we take it a little bit on Marie’s conditions, as we have always done.

Golden Times, then? Continue?

” Yes, I’m convinced. When we get together and play laugh we much and so it sounds amazing. I don’t think it will stop until someone dies, ” says Per Gessle.

Tickets to "A beautiful night" released on Thursday 24 november at 10.00 am. SEE ALSO Per Gessle do first soloturnén – in ten years


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