Monday, November 21, 2016

If the star broker will sold Madeleine’s apartment”

Expressen has previously written about how princess Madeleine of sweden turned to the friend, if the star broker will and tv-celebrity Fredrik Eklund to get rid of with the floor, in Manhattan in New York city.

the Apartment is on two rooms and a kitchen, and with it, Fredrik Eklund, modest price tag of 17.5 million, has obviously taken a while to sell.

But now it is clear, according to the Swedish toppmäklaren.

He took of course the opportunity to do a little PR for itself in connection with the sale.

“My career has several big milestones, but today reached a new important one. I have sold homes to some of the biggest celebs and today, I can add a special to the royal family to my list. I can confirm that we sold the New York apartment at the princess Madeleine!”

Unclear what the final price was

Was the final price after the bidding ended and who is the buyer is not disclosed by Fredrik Eklund update on Instagramkontot.

But it is an exclusive property where gym, wine cellar and butler services around the clock are included.

Fredrik Eklund the opportunity to thank the Swedish princess.

“Thank you for giving me the confidence to sell your home. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for being so beautiful and outstanding. Love you, Madeleine Bernadotte, and congratulations on a fantastic sale,” writes Fredrik Eklund.

Hot brokers

the Post had in the night gillats 6400 times, and many fans wrote in the comments section, and congratulated.

the 39-year-old Fredrik Eklund from Akalla in Stockholm and has previously sold luxury apartments to stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

He is one of New York’s hottest brokers and known from the tv series “Million dollar listing”.

But when his opened the mäklarbyrå in Oslo, it ended with the bankruptcy.

In Norway, it has simply gone too fast and the cost has been great, ” said Fredrik Eklund in the Norwegian E24 of the fiasco.


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