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Håkan Hellström is fantastic – Göteborgs-Posten

Music this is, or should be, something other than Ullevi stadium-goers this summer. For the first time in a long time, Håkan Hellström a brand new album to tour with. For the first time in a long time, he’ll make a proper tour. This is not a smash and grab adventure in New York city or two galenskapsgalor at Ullevi. He is back on the job, writes GP’s Johan Lindqvist.

Now requires a clearer line, another rigor. Håkan is, of course, at the top, but this winter he has a lot to prove. So begins the evening very really the same as the last plate You old you free. You know, the rowdy intro, and then, with håkan’s standards, the closest to a sammanbiten In the cracks the light will check with a lot of backlighting on the scene. Likewise, the new Open through the entire night is going to end the evening on a soft, nice way.

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of Course, the release Håkan Hellström, for the evening in white kråsskjorta and a denim jacket, fairly immediately on the brake pedal. Already as the second song, he takes us a few kilometers away to the Mitt Gullbergs kaj paradis and ‘allsången’ press the ceiling upward, upward. I but you are not given allsångsfavorit yet. However, growing latest single Beads, as expected, to a steaming mangelmaskin live.

Tell a story

I really like how to Håkan Hellström and the band gets better and better and increasingly weave together songs, which, when the Gems fall right into in the You have to die a few times before you can live, which in turn LaGaylia-wailas further into the Uppsnärjd in the blue. In the trio of songs is, of course, also a theme, a red thread. Hellström has so many songs that he can tell a story with how he chooses to place the numbers one after the other, it gives the song another dimension.

Håkan Hellström says to us to the Scandinavium arena feel like a living room, in comparison with the Ullevi stadium then, and of course it is nice with something “more intimate” environment. The distance is shorter between the stage and audience and only the musicians closer to each other on the stage changing the conditions. And in spite of the bitwise skrälligt sound, go to the details presented in a different way. As tvärflöjten in 2 steps from paradise or when Mattias Hellberg for a moment, press to the cotton in Gårdakvarnar and shit with a buffligt, brötig guitar.

Amanda Bergman – magical and beautiful

the Stadium has other benefits. Both Kent as New, the previous guests in the Scandinavium arena in the autumn, showed what you can achieve with screens and light. As for not many years ago there was a variable variant of the classical backdropen has developed into its own art form. Håkan Hellström set the bar pretty high outdoors at Ullevi stadium, but in the Scandinavium arena the black box are other possibilities to use light and video art. Unfortunately, he is not really a chance even if it starts to looks gorgeous in In the the cracks the light will enter and it is magically beautiful when amazing Amanda Bergman comes in for the encore Pistol. Otherwise it is reused a lot, you know the scooter scene out of A love story, the environments from Haga and Majorna, and skivomslagen as it rolls over the canvas.

it is always a great performance, but to be a turn around with new conditions, I had hoped for a little more…new. Now, it is like Håkan shrunk down Ullevi show, including mellansnacken, to ishallsformat instead of taking a great correctly. It is a bit of a shame. Previously he was an incredibly nice managed to turn the perspectives of each vintage. But it was “only” premiere. There is more, already in the evening.


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