Friday, November 18, 2016

Jesper was forced to leave: “A triumph” – the Express newspaper

the Five became four.

After an evening in the sign of love was forced to Jesper Peterson to leave “Idol.”

“this is not a defeat it is a victory,” said Jesper after the result was clear.

In Friday’s “Idol” was the theme. The idols performed two songs each. A song dedicated to the fans and a song dedicated to a "special person". During Friday’s finale, invited the idols on the interpretations of hits from, among others, Bruno Mars, R. Kelly, and Adele.

But kärlekstemat despite the rules were clear – one of the idols had to leave the competition.

the Jury guessed all that Charlie Grönvall would hang loose. Nikki Amini and Fredrik Kempe also believed to Jesper Peterson would be the other with the least votes, while Quincy Jones III guessed Oskar Häggström.

– Fredrik and I are hanging loose, so that the artists can stay, ” said Quincy.

Despite the jury’s agreement went by Charlie Grönvall vdoare, and the last one left on the stage next to the announcer Pär Lernström was Oskar Häggström and Jesper Peterson.

And after a nervous wait, Jesper Peterson find out that his performance had not reached all the way up.

” Fourth time’s the charm, but I’m so terribly proud of myself. This is not a loss, it is a victory, ” said Jesper.

He has previously been solved in the majority of fredagsfinaler. But now he went out was something he had not mourned for in the heat of the moment.

” I was fifth in the “Idol” in 2016 no one had thought, and I do not take offense if someone says it to me.

the Jury was during the evening of unexpectedly positive to the idols interpretations. But some of them did not win the jury’s hearts in the eighth in Friday’s finale and it was also a sharp criticism during the evening.

Quincy Jones III klankade including the bottom of the Oskar Häggström, 17, pronunciation after he performed “The Reason” by Hoobastank.

– You sang this with a lot of sense. It sounded good, but work on the pronunciation, he said in the program.

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Even Charlie Grönvall, who is suffering from a cold, received criticism for his performance:

– You do not reach up all the way. I hope that the viewers see what you have done along the time I get a little nervous now, ” commented Nikki Amini.

jury member Frederick Kempe was on the same line:

– You are struggling with a cold and the low notes will jump to the right and the left. But the high notes puts you right where they should be, ” he said.

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In the last week went Renaida Braun out. But the jury also had their sights set on Jesper Petersson.

“I hope I am wrong, but I say Renaida and Jesper,” said Fredrik Kempe, who should get to leave the application then.

He was joined by Nikki Amini. Quincy Jones III had a slightly different opinion:

“It’s always difficult but I think Jesper and Oskar,” he said.


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