Sunday, November 27, 2016

Kent set up the concert in Copenhagen – bbc Radio

He wrote himself on the team’s website that he got a viral infection on the vocal cords and the doctors advised against him from conducting the concert because it could have jeopardised the rest of the tour, which finishes a week before christmas. The concert is now moved to 4 december.

“I have a virus infection on the vocal cords, which started in a light cold. Expertläkaren I met today helped to conduct the concert tonight. To sing in my condition would very likely lead to complications (such as ulcers on the vocal cords) and be able to compromise the rest of the year’s concerts. No one is ledsnare than I that it was not possible to carry out the gig in Copenhagen. I tried to the last”.

Fans who have come to Denmark expressed their disappointment on social media, but many also had great understanding. Others thought that Kent could have come with the news earlier.

Kent is out on his farewell tour, which started in Linköping, sweden, 23 september and ends in Stockholm on december 17. The band’s next scheduled gig is held in Karlstad on 2 december.


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