Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Erik regrets that he was a “Farmer seeking wife” – Expressen

Pawn-Erik is angry at TV4 and plead for response from host Linda Lindorff.

He regrets his participation in the program and saw the output.

– best is if you put down the program, ” says Erik Bäckman.

the Farmer Erik Bäckman, 21, in TV4-program "Farmer seeks wife" regret their participation in the program. The reason is how TV4 decided to create his night together with the farmer Sigrid Bergåkra – and the fact that the host Linda Lindorff will return with questions to him on the night.

” It’s really disrespectful. That they run on this track and do not care about the people who are in the program, ” he says.

Erik Bäckman is also angry that TV4 and Linda Lindorff not talking with him now when the program started to be broadcast.

Linda says she loves us farmers. Now, if she loves us so much, then she would know by now when this airs? She has not heard of a single time, claims Erik.

Hästbonden Sigrid Bergåkra, 43, was previously critical of the way in TV4 and tv host Linda Lindorff pressed her on the answers about the night with Erik. She sees the matter as simply done and have an understanding of why it recurs the program.

“My reaction now is the most that I get to have patience with it simply,” she says.

Erik Bäckman is critical to how his freer Linnea Åberg, 21, is produced in the program.

“They are trying to highlight the pages which provides the most viewing figures, but not her real pages,” he says.

Linnea Åberg, 21, agrees and says that she will boycott future seasons of the program.

” We had no idea that they would cut us like they did. I thought the "Farmer seeks wife" was an honest program where you show love and truth. It is a shame that they are trying to get us to play any kind of role, which we are not, ” she says.

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Lindorff about the criticism

Erik Bäckman has followed the previous seasons of the program. He believes that the contents become too artificial.

” It has become too artificial. It is not a good program anymore. They should consider whether it is not time to put down the series, ” he says.

Expressen have searched Linda Lindorff for a comment. She has previously responded to criticism related to her repeated questions about Erik and Sigrids night together, and then said:

and with that this is a program that is all about their journey and their emotions so I feel that it is strange that this is with.

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TV4-producer: "Told themselves for us"

Clara Tengbom is the executive producer of “Farmer seeks wife”:

“Farmer looking for wife is a program which deals with emotions, and we follow the farmers’ hunt to find true love. Sigrid and Erik told themselves and us about their night together and they describe themselves that there were feelings involved, so it feels natural that it is a part of the story then it is the feelings and love that our program is about,” she writes in a text message to Expressen and continues:

“We want to follow what happens between the people on the farms so honest and close as possible. Together with the production company, we have had an ongoing dialogue with Erik, both in the recording as broadcast in the autumn, and it is something he wants to talk with us if he gets more than happy to hear from us”.


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