Friday, November 18, 2016

So like the idols of kontraktsbråket – Aftonbladet

the Conflict between the musicians union and Fremantle media to be stepped up.

But the idols take it all with ro.

“We need to really focus on the competition,” says Rebecka Karlsson.

the musicians union wants the production company Fremantlemedia improves the "Idol"participants ‘ working conditions by signing a new collective agreement.

If no new agreement is reached before 14: 00 on Friday, threatening the tray with the strike.

despite the fact that the conflict is in full swing, go the the main characters almost unnoticed. The idols are well aware of the battle but the experience itself is not involved.

“I hope they understand that we can’t spend time on it here, we really need to focus on the competition,” says Rebecka Karlsson.

Liam Cacatian Thomassen says that he has neither the time or the energy to put on a few issues.

– It is not war between the us participants but between Fremantle and the musicians union. I want to keep me away from it and focus on it here, ” he says, referring to the competition.

'don’t know'

If there will be a strike or not remains to be seen. But Charlie Grönvall have already decided not to strike.

” I have not been influenced by it at all. For me it has not been a thing I thought about. I have been nojig of my voice instead, “he says, and is joined by Oscar Häggström:

” I have not read so much or been so inserted, so I can’t answer what I think I have no position.

Focus on the idols

nor does the jury have been affected by the conflict. According to Nikki Amini, they have not had time to talked anything at all about what is going on.

” I leave it, TV4 and Fremantle. Our focus must be on the idols appearance at the Friday nights, ” she says.

In the latest tour of "Idol"-the war, a number of the other unions behind the musicians union to increase the pressure on the production company.

– It is shameful to exploit young people’s dreams and offering working conditions that are unacceptable, unfair and unprecedented in the world of work in general, wrote avtalssekreteraren to the covenants in a press release.

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