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BE back for two concerts in the summer – Aftonbladet


"A in for adult women"

Without Thomas Ravellis penalty save had, it may not become more than a song.

In the summer, set himself again, Anders Glenmark, Thomas "Orup" Eriksson and Niklas Strömstedt – BE – on an american concert stage.

– My wife (tv-profile Jenny Strömstedt) think we are in for adult women, ” says Niklas to Nöjesbladet.

When we meet on Tuesday afternoon to talk about BE both of the concerts in the Castle ruins in Borgholm, 19 and 20 July next year, sit the three artists and drinking champagne in the middle of the day.

– I birthday it is today, ” says Orup, was not so happy to tell you what he is doing (58 years).

GIVEN is a trio whose "When we dig gold in the USA" is one of the all-time greatest Swedish pop classics. Forever associated with the English football team’s world CUP-bronze in the US in 1994. A succéturné the year after, and an album that sold half a million copies.

If we are reversing the tape a little bit, so it was not a foregone conclusion that GIVEN would be a band on the way.

– It is Ravellis penalty save, ” says Niklas Strömstedt.

– Otherwise it would have just been fotbollslåten, that’s it, ” says Anders Glenmark.

– And it had not become a hit either, but team success, ” says Orup.

Began on the Building in Åre

form of the GIVEN name was actually Miss ellie’s Chapel. The trio, Gyllene Tiderdrummer Mike South and Tommy EkmanStyle entertained on the Construction of the building in Åre a aprilvecka 1993. A surprised audience got to hear the famous artists singing each other’s songs.

– An early version of "So much better". And the band’s name came from Tommy Ekman was so much like Miss Ellie in "Dallas", says Niklas.

– A period of time after it told Niklas that he was asked to write the football team’s fifa world CUP song. Anders and I as well as forced us on him, ” says Orup.

Already over a lunch on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, they began to talk about doing a whole album together. When the Tomas Brolin, Kenneth Andersson, Ravelli, and the other had made its on the pitch and the whole Swedish people had learned the chorus to "When we are digging the…", they sat down in Hie half-empty house in Saltsjö-Duvnäs in three weeks and wrote all the songs.

– Fan, Niklas, they carry out a large cabinet,she really want it? someone said of you to me, I remember, ” says Niklas, who then had just separated themselves from the Efva Attling.

Will be no new songs

– We wrote the music together. When we had the basic structure used to Niklas and I sit in the kitchen and fiddle with the texts, while Anders sat down at the piano with the arrangements, he was the producer, ” says Orup.

A second, not as successful, record came eight years later.

– The first one is better, we would have made the second directly – or now, ” says Orup.

But some of the new songs it will be not next summer, but a mix of BE-songs and hits from their respective careers.

When I question if they should pull the trigger all the PROVIDED machinery for only two concerts, ” says Orup:

– We release the tickets for the two concerts, it is not a lie.

I think you are lying. If it becomes quickly sold out, then?

– only time will tell. I still have not lied…


Håkan Hellström makes extrakonserter


Gessle make a big tour of sweden



…memories from the Castle ruins in Borgholm:

– Rocktågssommaren 1994 visited Anders and I Orup, who was with the year. When we played "When we are digging the…" trixade I am with a ball, stumbled and was forced to jump down from the stage to not fall down. It would seen silly to climb up, so I went around and would take me in through the back door. There I came into the national football team, shorts and Dr. Marten boots. The guard refused to let me in, for I had no passport. He just did his job. So I had to stand there until someone missing me…

lead single on…

…its memory from the ruined Castle:

– A year, I was introduction to the Tom Jones. We did 15 concerts. In the Castle, it was the only time he ever greeted me.


…which is the BE’s best song:

– There are many, but right now we agree that there is "Nothing to remind us of you", as Anders sings.


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