Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Röhsska museum is closed temporarily – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Nöjestelegram the Röhsska museum in Gothenburg is closed temporarily. To a united cultural committee believe that the museum has major shortcomings in their work environment.

The psychosocial work environment at the Röhsska museum has been bad in many years, according to the cultural affairs board. In the day, the board, the drastic decision to close the museum in order to create the conditions for a sustainable psychosocial working environment.

— It has been great chefsomsättning and high sick-leave figures. There are a variety of reasons, the psychosocial environment has deteriorated, ” says Mariya Voyvodova.

the union has already proposed a closure. Then hoped the cultural committee to come to grips with the problems in other ways.

— But we end up all the time in the same problems, ” says Mariya Voyvodova.

the Roof has now been commissioned to develop an action plan for the Röhsska museum, along with union representatives. They will present a proposal on when the museum can be closed off to the cultural committee 29 november.

None of the staff will be terminated, but the culture of management will go out with an ad for the new museum director at the beginning of next year.

the Röhsska museum has in recent years struggled with economic problems and conflicts between managers and staff.


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