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In the year married Dan Ekborg with his Emma. – Aftonbladet

In the year married Dan Ekborg with his Emma.

perhaps It would have not happened if it not been for Ekborg taken the courage to write to her on a website for cars.
– I am overjoyed. You have to be there in this country? exclaims Ekborg in "Hellenius hörna"

At the beginning of the year was Dan Ekborg, 61, not good at all, ” he tells us in "Hellenius corner". Artrosen in the knees, he cried on stage during the final performances of "Markurells in Wadköping".

He was forced to surgery. At the hospital, so he recorded on a friend’s Facebook page for the old cars. Where he saw on a comment that was written by a woman named Emma Svedlund, 26.
– Yes, it was so strange. I went in on a friend bilsida. For I had dreams of buying a Edsel 58. I like the old raggarbilar. Inside, on the hand, I see a girl with a ponytail who wrote a funny comment. A smart, intelligent comment, says Ekborg in the program.

"Was not wise"

According to the Ekborg, he was bemused by the medications when he decided to write to Emma that "You should drive my Edsel".

Suddenly she replied that "of Course, it is knappautomat or gear".

Something Ekborg certifies was the first flirt.

Three weeks later, Ekborg car to go up to Sundsvall to meet her.

” Yes, it was not wise. I drove even though I have not got to the doctor, “he says in the programme, and continues:

” I felt like I was 15 years old. I am overjoyed. You have to be there in this country? he exclaims, and receives a resounding round of applause. SEE ALSO Dan Ekborg has been married to

now married

Flirt over the car side got a happy ending. In January of this year got engaged to the pair. In may they got married. Emma chose to change their surname to Ekborg. According to the Swedish tax agency said the pair yes to each other on may 12. Since april they have lived together in Kungsängen outside Stockholm.

Marriage is Dan Ekborgs fourth. He has four children from previous relationships.

"Hellenius hörna" broadcast on channel 4, Sundays at 20:00.


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