Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jesper Petersson are forced to leave ”Idol.” – Aftonbladet

Jesper Petersson are forced to leave "Idol."

For the fourth time hung he solved but now was not enough votes.

” I’m so happy just. To come fifth in the "Idol" is kind of a victory for me, ” he says.

It begins to tighten to the final. But the one who does not get to compete for the prize in the Globe is Jesper Peterson. Tonight, he resolved, along with the Oskar Häggström, but were forced to finally leave the music.

” I’m happy with my vocal performances, outfits, and elements. It has been an absolutely fantastic evening, ” he says.

the Theme for tonight’s Friday final was “Love” and He performed "Who you are" and "Make you feel my love" to her fans, and her brothers.

” It was really nice to sing to my bread. I didn’t think I would be as concerned as I was, ” he says.

For their performances got a good criticism of the jury.

– So nice that you dedicate the song to your brothers. Very good appearance and you sing well, said Nikki Amini in the program.

“This was the best so far,” said Quincy Jones III after Jesper’s other song.

When the news that it was just Jesper who were forced to leave "Idol" the whole audience stood, and the jury up, and thanked him.

What happens now, after the competition, remains to be seen.

” We’ll see what people. I’m open for suggestions. I hope that the end of this year and next year will be the best ever, ” he says.

do you Think you become popular?

“I hope so,” says Jesper Petersson.

the Final takes place on 9 december in the ericsson Globe arena in Stockholm, sweden.

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