Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Amber Heard is tuned on 92 million – Expressen

Amber Heard is accused of having sabotaged several sex scenes.

Now reconciled, she of the producers behind the movie “London fields”, reports Variety.

a Total required she at 92 million.

Amber Heard plays the lead role in the kriminalfilmen “London fields”. Now claiming the film’s producers that the actor deliberately sabotaged parts of the movie.

Specifically, it is about a number of “provocative” sex scenes, Amber Heard should have persuaded director Matthew Cullen to delete.

In its complaint, write the producers also Amber Heard refused to set up several scenes where she would be naked and simulate sex, even though she, according to the producers, approved scenes in his contract.

Now reconciled Amber Heard at the equivalent of 92 million kronor of the producers Chris Hanley and Jordan Gertner. Amber Heards lawyer would not comment on the allegations.

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It is not the first time there will be brawl around the “London fields”. Last year, the accused namely Matthew Cullen both Chris Hanley and Jordan Gertner of fraud. The argument escalated, and the lawsuit that Matthew Cullen left the check, made the premiere of “London fields” during the film festival in Toronto was cancelled.

Matthew Cullen will, among other things, not have been pleased at how the two producers have taken “control” over the film’s content. Chris Hanley and Jordan Gertner argues in turn that Matthew Cullen did not have the right to say anything about the finished film.

“London fields” based on the Martin Amis novel of the same name. The critics who have managed to see the film has cut the jämns with the ankles, according to Variety.

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Amber Heard has recently appeared in, among others, “The danish girl” and “Black mass”, where she played against her former husband Johnny Depp.


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