Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Arne Weise: I have a hard time to breathe – Aftonbladet

Arne Weise visited SVT’s jubileumsinspelning despite the fact that he still did not feel completely tee.Lunginflammationen he suffered at the end of October continue to be reminded.
– I have a little difficult to breathe actually but I think it’s just as much emotion as a disease, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

At the end of October was Arne Weise, 86, passed as an emergency to the hospital by ambulance. Where it was found that he had a double sided pneumonia. On Tuesday, visited the he SVT for a large jubileumsinspelning despite the fact that he is still feeling the aftermath of a sjukomen. But it was a happy Arne Weise, who met the press outside the SVT’S studio.

” I have a little difficult to breathe actually but I think it’s just as much emotion as a disease. I have no fever. Now I’m going to go home and watch tv, and dicka tea, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

Weise chose to leave the recording before it was over.
– I have some troubles with the body. You get older and you have ailments and you need to know in advance, ” says the doctor. And now I have been sitting there for almost two hours and it’s not the end yet. SEE ALSO Arne Weise brought urgently to the hospital, "Was a little shaken."

"careful with the ladies"

What is most difficult is the fatigue, ” explains Weise. He describes his health as marginal.

” It could have been better but I don’t drink, don’t smoke and are careful with the ladies so I think maybe I can celebrate my 90 years.

He also notes that in the past, partied he like to it.
– When I drank liquor once in world time in the world I could go home at 5 in the morning, with someone. But it is the ending with the stuff, but I have the memories left.

"Is a little sad,"

Weise says that he was taken by the evening and all the old material that was shown. Many memories were awakened, and he thought back on his career.

” I have done everything in this company. I have been the head in the rounds and now I’m here again and experience everything again. It feels strange and wonderful and I am a little sad.

Why are you sad?
– because it will end a beautiful day, you understand. But then I have a son who sings like a god and a daughter who is a good lawyer so I should not complain, ” he says.


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