Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It closes in fifteen months – Göteborgs-Posten

the Röhsska. Image: Bengt Kjellin

Culture Röhsska museum closes in fifteen months. The surprising decision was made by the Gothenburg cultural committee on Tuesday.

Now it is clear. The Röhsska museum closes 27 February and re-open to the public until June 2, 2018. In fifteen months, therefore, the renowned art and design museum to be closed.

the Staff will during the closure work in the administration other activities and then come back to the museum gradually. What happens with the planned exhibitions are at present unclear.

the Background to the decision is that the under-funded museum has long had extensive and serious problems with the psychosocial work environment. Problems that during the the autumn rose, led to a temporary skyddsstopp and a notification of the museum’s employer to the Swedish work environment authority.

” I think this will be a fresh start and a primer for the Röhsska museum. It is now the work begins, commenting on the cultural board president Mariya Voyvodova (S) who also notes that many jobs now need to run in parallel, in order to renovate It and create a well-functioning museum until the summer of 2018.

First, work will focus on the health of staff, to create a common set of values and the recruitment of a new manager. First, then it goes on to devote themselves to the development of your business, consider cultural board chairman

” We are looking very seriously at the psychosocial work environment and this is a necessary decision. The goal should be to 2018 have created a museum with the visitor in the centre – A further flagship mine in Gothenburg, sweden for design, fashion and crafts. But also a safe and secure workplace, ” says Mariya Voyvodova.

- the Board has taken a brave decision. The working environment has been poor for a long time and now we have the opportunity to work for a lasting change, says Anna Rosengren, director of the Gothenburg cultural committee.

15 months is a long time. Why the need for the museum to be closed for so long?

- It is a vast and complex work that needs to be done and now we get to the time that is needed, says Anna Rosengren.

Together with the representatives of the unions Saco, Kommunal and Vision has förvaltningsledningen the last week worked out a plan of action for the museum. The Saco and the Municipal endorses the proposal, but The Vision does not endorse the action plan which is the basis for the cultural board’s decision to close It.

"In a situation where we are slowly. Methodical and broad interoperability need to rebuild the trusts and routines, after all, bring defeat instead, the business and its employees thrown out in uncertainty," says Ing-Marie Olander, chief of Vision in a letter to the cultural committee.


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