Friday, November 25, 2016

A year with Gilmore girls – Svenska Dagbladet

Amy Sherman-Palladino, Daniel Palladino
Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop
1 h 30 min

Score: 4 of 6

When Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel had disagreements with the studio and left his hjärtebarn "Gilmore girls" after six seasons dropped the series like a stone: on the web forum Reddit is a great gnälltråd with the title "The infamous season 7" – the infamous season – and in the New York Times review stated that it felt as if someone "cut the heart out" on it. No one else could simply get to the specific mix of pladdrig soap, stylized film, and sentimental småstadsromantik, and after the seventh season were down.

This belated miniseries, then, is both a way to tie together the bag for the pair Palladino and a way to consolidate it inside of the series built up. "A year with the Gilmore Girls" consists of four 90-minute episodes, and that they are dropped right in the morning is a thematically clever time. Namely, it is the day after Thanksgiving, americans favorithelg which in its most idealized form is to gnabbas with the family and feast on fast carbohydrates – pursuits that form the body even in "the Gilmore girls".

Netflix has basically threatened to kölhala who reveals the plot in advance, so I may hold myself to a general picture: it is the present, each section depicting a different season, and in the two that were released to the Swedish reviewers, is the central theme of how grandma Emily, the mother between lorelai and her daughter Rory handles the existence of each other after familjepatriarken Richard died (the actor Edward Herrmann died in 2014, so no spoiler).

in Addition to the ultra-conservative Emily started to wear jeans, most of it is like: Stars Hollow looks like Main Street at disney world, samtidsreferenserna hails, and, strictly speaking, all the supporting roles have been skärmtid, from Paris Geller to Sookie to byfånen Kirk, who started a car service called … Ooober. Mediekrisen is also on a corner via Rorys career as a freelance journalist, even if just the marker more like science fiction: Rory has zero fixed clients but dresses exclusively in the Burberry and will fly to London several times a week.

Here are also some of the series ‘ finest scenes to date.

On the other hand, the series never strived for realism, rather a kind of heightened naturalism. "Gilmore girls" has always been a singular creation, a series that even in their weakest parties been a feminist gem in the sense that it consistently depicted a group of women’s lives, but to make the pamphlet of it. And while "A year with the Gilmore girls", of course, leans heavily against their nostalgic baggage, it is also a sequel that is more than just push together the characters in the same box.

All seriemanér has not aged well – as a racist underintrig about how Emily can’t distinguish between their hispanic hushållerskas members of the family – but here are also some of the series ‘ finest scenes so far, not least retrospective to the Richards funeral in the episode "Winter" where the Lorelais and Emily’s relationship are at its far edge. It is so good that you almost forgive that Carole king’s former theme "Where you lead" just gone silent and disappeared.

the Review is based on two sections of four.


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