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Nazi action against the Auschwitz-survivor – Expressen

susanne’s father survived several concentration camps. When the play about his experiences was set up in the blocked nazis of the theater and wrote that the holocaust is a hoax.

– It is terrible. It felt like a slap in the face, ” says Susanne Kielba.

It was several days after the show has been set up in Karlstad the 11th of november, before Susanne Kielba found out what had happened.

the Notion of her father, Walter Kielbas, experiences in the concentration camps during the second world war had become the subject of a nazi action.

the Theater had been blocked off with barrier tape from the nordic resistance movement and on a note, it was, inter alia, that “the Holocaust is a hoax!”

– It is terrible. First and foremost, it felt like a slap in the face, I staggered, almost back when I heard it, ” says Susanne Kielba.

don’t Want to be hateful

Susanne has been around to help during the production of the show. Walter Kielba recently went away and Susanne controlled that the script for the show, saw right out.

” All his experience and memories that we’ve worked with… and then it will here. People do not believe in him. They labeled him a liar, and denying his stay in the camps. It hurts, it physically hurts, ” says Susanne Kielba.

Susanne try not to be hateful even if it is sometimes difficult. It is her father who taught her it.

” He was very determined to not let the hatred take over. It helps not to meet hatred by hatred or war by war, ” she says.

Wrote a post

After she found out what had happened, she took contact with Christer Mattsson, the initiator Toleransprojektet.

Susanne wanted to be sure it was the right to disseminate the event, instead of dark.

– He argued that nothing feels good to dark. It strengthened my belief, and I could go home and write me.

In a facebook post she wrote about the incident. The post had during the Friday afternoon divided over 1 100 times. Even if it feels good, that the event spread, it makes Susanne a little worried.

“I was afraid”

” It’s amazing. But I’m also a little scared. I am afraid that it fires people up and gets angry. I would rather see that you take your anger and become a fellow human being. So maybe we get one less person who are recruited to these organizations, ” she says.

” I have seen in the comments that people are very angry, with every right. But they belittle and call meningsmotståndarna for the troll. I don’t think it is the right way.

She hopes that the show now spread even more and may be set up in more parts of the country.

– Then, perhaps, it will not be as they had thought… Those who tried to be intimidated.

the Actor and screenwriter for the show, Mattias Walan, agree with.

– It is more important now. The name comes from a note from Walters notebooks, when he lived in Poland. He did the black clouds from Germany. The black clouds are visible even today. We must do everything we can to combat intolerance, ” says Mattias Walan

the GT has been in contact with the nazi party, the Nordic resistance journal of the Nordfront, which lauded the action. Where I did not comment on the incident.


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