Thursday, December 1, 2016

Advent calendar-battle between “selma’s saga” and “Lyckoborgen” – Radio Sweden

what do you think about these julkalendrarna?

– Yes, if we accept the basic premise, that is to say, to the christmas calendar as a phenomenon is a security enhancement institution, a recurring ritual that give both adults and children in a sense that the world is understandable and follows certain patterns, so works both calendars strictly as a small soothing powder so here before christmas. Typically for 2016 and the identitetspolitiska debate that has been ongoing during the year, is perhaps that we have two female protagonists, Selma in the SVT and Sasha in Barnradion.

“selma’s saga” is a more traditional advent calendar, just like the title suggests, and anyone who likes escapism will be satisfied. No historielektioner with disgusting food à la Erik Haag and Lotta Lundgren, and not some strange white room, and the science fiction-like environments as in “the Beard in the mailbox” from 2008.

In “selma’s tale” combines a bit of social realist poverty with a folklore Skansen-props and a classic adventure with prilliga scientists and adventurous trips in hot-air balloon. Selma’s mission is to get in touch with santa to wish that her family should remain in their own apartment, as they risk to be evicted from. The calendar is made by Stefan Roos and Per Simonsson, who was behind the “Thieves christmas”, so those who liked this poor-Sweden, and in the past-the style will be satisfied. Perhaps I was slightly more fond of the “Thieves christmas” because it managed to portray charlie’s everyday life as a thief. Most children know that they are not allowed to steal so it was a bit “mindexpanding” that the main character was a pickpocket.

But what is the difference between SVT’s calendar from Barnradions in P4?

“Lyckoborgen” is a bit more in the here and now, with modern family life, the hard high-performance siblings, and an annoying grandmother, but also travel to other worlds. It is written by Cilla Jackert, Alex Haridi and Daniel Karlsson and directed by Eva Staaf. It is about Sasha that destroyed last christmas by crazy of disappointment that she was not given a Cocker spaniel puppy. And now her pesky sister Kimmy started some sort of christmas-the training for that this christmas will be more perfect.

I’ve only heard a few episodes but I like how it really takes advantage of radiomediets opportunities to travel in time and space. Sasha steals already in the first episode, a christmas gift which is actually for her sister, a plastic snow dome, and ends up in a strange lyckovärld, a bit like in “charlie and the chocolate factory”. A pretty disgusting lyckovärld, with chokladfontäner and sockervadds-snow. But at the same time problematizes the “Lyckoborgen” in a simple and effective way the lyckohets which prevails in all age groups in december.

Okay, how to we summarize this?

” Yes, at the risk of sounding like a marxist mediekritiker so I would like to say that the christmas calendar as a phenomenon, both in radio and tv, aims to confirm the existing order. That is to say, a medelklassvärld with medelklassfunderingar, a bit like an advent calendar-the opium of the people. But I will continue to listen and look at both.

do you Have any personal favourite?

” Yes, “Allrams höjdarpaket” (2004) is second to none and the “Trolltider” (1979 and 1985).

“selma’s saga” sent in February and BBC1: weekdays at 7.15, and at 18.45, weekends at 8.45 and at 18.45. And on SVT Play.

“Lyckoborgen” sent in Barnradion in P4 Radio Sweden: weekdays at 6.50 and at 18.35, weekends and christmas eve at 9.50 and at 13.03. And in the app Sveriges Radio Play.


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