Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pernilla August reads nyårsklockan in the SVT Aftonbladet


Taking over after Malena Ernman: "It is an honorary"

Now it is clear that it will be Pernilla August reading Lord Alfred Tennysons poem "Nyårsklockan" on new year’s eve in the SVT.

– Oh, have I become so old? was my first thought, she says to TT.

Jarl Hill, elmore leonard, Jan Malmsjö, Loa Falkman and Malena Ernman have done it earlier.

Now it is Pernilla August turn to take over the prestigious task to celebrate the new year in the SVT.

– We live in such a harsh world, then you need solace in literature and poetry, ” she says to TT.

First thought when Pernilla August was asked to read “Nyårsklockan” at the stroke of midnight was “Wow, have I become so old?”

– My second thought was “God, what fun!” It is a special honor, an incredibly beautiful poem, ” she says to TT.

"I have the poem in your phone"

She also says that she has already started to train for performance.

– First, they are on the desktop, then in bag, then in the pocket. I have the poem in your phone now and look at it all the time, ” she says.

Live broadcast from Sollidenscenen at Skansen in stockholm is headed by Micke Leijnegård and Blossom Tainton, Gladys del Pilar, Jessica Folcker, Boris, René, rock together with brolle, Strandels, Anne-Lie Rydé and Elisa Lindström should appear.

new year Celebrations at Skansen is a tradition that started in 1895.

Hailed by the Sly

The legendary nyårsvärden Jan Malmsjö would not comment on the election. Last year’s narrators, Malena Ernman however, the exuberant happy when Nöjesbladet gives her the news.

– It’s absolutely amazing, god what fun. I’m almost teary-eyed. It is at the time, I said it last week: a slightly older woman, she is my age, and actor. It is time to break gubbväldet.

do you Have any tips for her?

– No, I have no tips to her, she had been able to give tips to me, however.

you Had hoped to do more this year?

– No, I knew that it was only a year and it was enough, more than well, it was a very fuss there so it is nice to get rid of. Now when Tiger takes over, and I think she’ll be there in 20 years.

How do you remember yourself your bet?

– I remember I was nervous but it went well, then I went home and then slept all except the dog who said voff. There was so much security, I thought it seemed silly that all the cops would be there. I hope it goes well for Penilla – she is a pro and need no tips.


Pernilla August

Born in 1958. Made his acting debut in 1975 in Roy Andersson’s “Giliap”. Already when she went to the theatre academy she was one of the roles in Ingmar Bergman’s “Fanny and Alexander” which gave her international attention and both started cooperation with the royal dramatic theatre, whose solid ensemble she belongs since 1985.

in 1992, she was named Best female actor for her role in the SVT series “The good will”. She has also played Anakin skywalker’s mother Shmi in the “Star wars: Episode 1 – The phantom menace” and “Star wars: Episode 2 – attack of the Clones”.

2005 she debuted as a director with the short film “Duds”. Wrote the script and directed the “Beyond” 2010. Right now current as one of the directors of the Danish series “the Heirs”.

Source: SVT

Nyårsklockans narrators geonom years:

Georg Rydeberg 1977 – 1982
Jarl Hill 1983 – 1996
Margaretha Krook 1997 – 2000
Jan Malmsjö 2001 – 2013
Loa Falkman 2014
Malena Ernman 2015
Pernilla August 2016


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