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Therefore, the tv couple’s son role in SVT:s advent calendar – Aftonbladet

Leo Hellenius is doing main role in "selma’s saga": "Can really play the annoying"

christmas calendar "selma’s tale" is Leo Hellenius skådisdebut.

He got the role thanks to dad David instagramfilmer.

– We found a sketch where the Leo was and played a small as, say, the director’s Per Simonsson.

Leo Hellenius, 10, is the son of Renée Nyberg, 50, and David Hellenius, 42. But it wasn’t thanks to the parents ‘ television contacts that he got a starring role in SVT:s advent calendar "selma’s fairy tale."

However, David Hellenius wild instagramkonto a role. Where TV4-profile put up skits with the son who several times had to play both the good, cocky, mischievous, and annoying.

Found Hellenius-sketch with son

And it was just what directors Per Simonsson and sean hill was looking for for the role of Rupert in "selma’s fairy tale."

– We had help with the casting of the children, and then there was a girl in the office that showed a skit that David Hellenius had done where Leo was and played… yes, a small as simply. And we were looking for someone who really could play the annoying, ” says Per Simonsson.

– And at the same time be fun, adds Stefan Roos.

"Very good, that annoying"

They let Leo Hellenius audition and he stood out.

– Often, if you are looking for children who can play themselves and becoming great that way. But Leo likes to play and just drove, he could really play differently than himself and was very good as annoying. We tested a lot of others, but it was never someone who was really close, ” says Per Simonsson.

For Leo, it was an exciting experience.

– I thought after how the scenes would look like. The first time it was quite difficult to try to be in a special way, but you taught as well as to know his role and learned how to would be, ” he says.

What have your school friends said about you to be in the christmas calendar?

– They have not said so much, it might be more now when it starts.


So it went – after the "Mystery at Sea"


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