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- Wanted to say no to the “Star Wars” – Aftonbladet

HOLLYWOOD Adam Driver had a smile on his face when he first pulled on the black suit he wears in “Star Wars: The Force awakens “.

But the smile soon switched to profanity.

– There was a leather garments in the four layers that I could barely move in and shockingly warm, he says to Aftonbladet.

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It took” Girls “-skådisen Driver and two helpers 40 minutes to get Kylo’s outfit in place.

– Toward the end of filming, we got it down to 15 minutes, he says when he receives in a barn in Los Angeles exhibition halls.

– As had We learned the importance of zippers.

“Felt so great”

It is reported that 32-year-old from San Diego walked around with Ren’s helmet on his head between shots.

– Damn spies, he says, and laughs at the newspaper information.

– But okay, sometimes I did not talk to anyone. Sometimes I just wanted to hide what was going on under the mask and not to show how nervous I was.

It is no wonder that he had butterflies in my stomach. It took a long time before he was told that the director JJ Abrams wanted him in “Star Wars: The Force awakens”.

– He called me early one September and told me about the film . When we a month later met in New York, I received further details of the plot and noticed how he was passionate about the project.

But it was not until he met producer Kathleen Kennedy as he was offered the role.

– My first thought was to say no. It felt so big and inconvenient and bothersome. Then I realized that that was exactly why I should take the role.

He laughs.

– You must challenge himself sometimes.

Although the driver was not born when “Star Wars” was released stating that he has space saga in his DNA.

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Returning to the “Girls”

– My dad had models of the Millennium Falcon front and a Stormtrooper helmet as he used to run up and chase us around the house with.

He does not remember how old he was when he saw the first movie.

– But for me and my contemporaries mates it felt as if we knew everything about the trilogy. We grew up with all the Star Wars toys.

Since then he has seen the films over and over again.

– The favorite is either “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”. The gears a bit from month to month, with the former in the lead.

The recording of the next “Star Wars” is already underway. Meanwhile, the driver returned to the filming of “Girls,” the TV series that he says has made all this possible for him.

– We have one season left. Then it’s over, he says.

If the ego has grown since “Star Wars” role, there is no noticeable this late afternoon in Los Angeles:

– If I wanted continue in the series? It would be an honor.

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