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Motörhead frontman Lemmy death – Aftonbladet

frontman and vocalist Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister from the British rock band Motorhead died of cancer on Monday says the band on their Facebook page.

Rock icon had long been struggling with serious health problems.

He was 70 years old.

Kilmister had long struggled with serious health problems and has in recent years forced staircase down both alcohol and smoking, according to entertainment website TMZ. Motörhead frontman should have smoked for 57 years.

Kilmister should have received notice of the aggressive cancer just two days before he died. Then he was reportedly in his home, with his family.

“Celebrate life – Kilmister had wanted it”

On the band’s Facebook page expressed during Tuesday night’s loss and grief after band member

“There is no easy way to say this … our mighty, noble friend Lemmy died today after a short battle with a very aggressive cancer. He became aware of the disease on December 26, and was when at home, sitting in front of their favorite video games from The Rainbow (Lemmy ordinary restaurant in Los Angeles, reds. note.) with his family. We can not express our shock and grief, there are not words. We will say more in the coming days, but right now, please .. Motorhead play loud, play Hawkwind high, playing Lemmy’s music LOUD. Have a drink or two. Share stories. Celebrate life this beautiful, wonderful man celebrated so vividly himself. He had wanted just that. ”

Dog a month after the band colleague

One of the first to pay tribute Kilmister a tweet was Ozzy Osbourne, the lead singer of Black Sabbath: “Have lost one of my best friends today, he will be missing. He was a warrior and a legend. I will see you on the other side. “Tweeted the singer.

The last just a month ago also died the original Motörhead drummer Phil Taylor after a long illness. Earlier in the fall put the band recorded several concerts due Phil Taylor’s condition. The band performed, however, two Sweden Gigs in early December this year.

Arrested with drugs

Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister was born on Christmas Eve 1945, near Stoke-on Trent, England. He started playing in small local bands, and became a member of the rock group Hawkwind in 1972.

1975, he was arrested during a tour with drugs at the border between Canada and the United States, served five days in jail and received then fired from Hawkwind.

Lemmy started the group Bastard instead, but then switched quickly group name Motörhead. Now began the success to come. Lemmy guttural, ross league vocal style – heavily influenced by a notorious intake of cigarettes and spirits – was unique for the time, and came to appeal to both their early rock audience and punk rock fans. 1980-81 had Motörhead perhaps his greatest success period with the classic album No Sleep ’til Hammersmith and single Ace of Spades.

Failing health

The last few years there have been reports about Lemmy failing health and the band has had to set a plurality of shows. In August this year, told the Swedish drummer Mickey Dee for the Times about how Lemmy’s health put a spoke in the wheel of the band in recent years and that a previous notice of his state of health was the toughest Motörhead suffered as a band.

– It came so suddenly and hit so hard. It was not tokallvarligt, but it knocked him hard and then it knocked us all. He had to change their entire lifestyle.

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Aftonbladet’s Markus Larsson wrote in his review of the Motörhead concert at the Scandinavium in Gothenburg on December 1 this year:

“But the recent past, concerts and tours set. Most of it has been due to Lemmy failing health. But under the current tour has guitarist Phil Campbell admitted to hospital.

All that gives the show a special atmosphere. Sometimes it feels as if the audience cheering on a totally exhausted skiers with lactic acid and cramps in the last agonizing hill before the finish.

Lemmy has no noticeable effect in the throat or the base game. Between songs slurs he so much that you can not hear what he says. The feet are molded on the slopes. The body is fixed in a position, as if the slightest unnecessary business risk to stop the show. “

According to Expressen should Lemmy December 13, having celebrated her last birthday at the legendary club Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, along with rock alloy as Slash and Scott Ian. Reportedly Motörhead frontman looked noticeably tired when he mingled around among the guests.

Yesterday was stopped Lemmy Performance forever.

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