Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fans’ anger after Adele’s ticket release – Expressen

Millions were about 750,000 tickets for Adele’s upcoming US tour.

Now turn thousands of disappointed fans back to the people who bought more tickets to earn big money.

“It’s a special place in hell for ticket sharks,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

Tickets for Adele’s upcoming US tour sold out in minutes when released last week. Now, reports the NME that the entire ten million fans fought for the total 750,000 available tickets.

The figures from the company Ticketmaster also shows that four million trying to get tickets exclusively for the shows at Madison Square Garden in New York, with 120,000 plates available.

The huge demand, the reservation systems to crash, and many disappointed fans vented their displeasure on social media afterwards.

Many who tried to get tickets testify so-called ticket sharks, people who buy more tickets and then resell for profit.

“It’s a special place in hell for ticket sharks,” writes a disappointed fan on Twitter.

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The prices of a ticket if purchased through resale sites ports of up to SEK 20 000, writes the fans.

“I saw Adel tickets sold 77 000 pieces, “wrote one person on Twitter.

Adele’s US tour, her first in five years, starting in July and includes 56 concerts. On April 29, the British superstar to Tele2 Arena in Stockholm.

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Recently, broke the British star record when her new album “25″ sold over a million copies in the US during the second week. It allows the disc to the first that sold more than one million copies per single week ago Metrology Nielsen began measuring weekly sales records in 1991, writes Billboard.

The first sales week struck Adele N Sync’s previous record from 2000 as the ” 25 “sold 2.4 million copies in just three days.

Earlier this autumn, also hit” Hello, “the first single from” 25 “, the US record with 1.11 downloaded digital copies in its first week .

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