Friday, December 25, 2015

Magnusson celebrated Christmas Eve in the emergency room – Expressen

Bengt Magnusson forced bussing her mother to the emergency room on Christmas Eve.

At the same time, he appeared as julvärd in TV4.

– She sat so bad that we had to go to SOS emergency, says Bengt Magnusson.

Yesterday synthesis Bengt Magnusson on TV as julvärd of TV4. Something that was recorded as early as Monday.

On Christmas Eve celebrated TV4 profile to an early Christmas with the family. They ate food and had a traditional Christmas celebration, but it ended up that he had to drive his mother to the emergency room after an accident in the home.

– She fell when we were going to my sister and settled so badly that we had to go to SOS emergency, says Bengt Magnusson.

His mom feels, however, okay today.

– It has been a tumultuous Christmas, says TV4 profile to Aftonbladet.

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Bengt Magnusson says he thought it was nice to be julvärd, but that he had not agreed to be TV4 julvärd if it had been televised.

– It is important to socialize and celebrate with the family, he said.

In the pre julsändningen thanked Bengt Magnusson viewers for the support he received during the treatment of cancer.

– This Christmas feels a little extra hot. I want to thank those of you who watch, you who have heard of you, both in the traditional manner and on social media. The support I have received warms the heart. Many thanks to your commitment, says Bengt Magnusson in the program.

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It was the spring that he got the message , and after a surgery and a few months of chemotherapy had Bengt Magnusson the good news this summer that the treatment had helped.

– One becomes obviously very, very happy even if I then have taken note of the statement I got already when this started that there is a good prognosis for this cancer. That was the answer I expected but it’s a stone lifted from one’s shoulders, I will not deny, said Bengt Magnusson then.

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